DPD - Post here your experience with DPD


I had 2 courier deliveries today, one Hermes - arrived fine, one Yodel went awol. 50% good.


I received my first delivery this week. Went to pick it up from Matalan and the packaging was damaged, the pack inside was damaged. Lets say l was less than impressed. I uploaded pictures of this to Huel.

Within 24 hours they contacted me to apologise and l appreciate accidents do happen. All credit to Charlotte @Huel who took ownership and dealt with my complaint, and the matter was dealt with.

Cant fault them for Customer Service


Also never had an issue with DPD, whether that be via my small number of Huel parcels or a large number of Amazon or other deliveries the house may have.


DPD are the best courier as far as I’m concerned. I can’t remember the last time I had an issue with them. The one hour time window for delivery really helps with planning the day.


Upto now never had any negative issues with DPD


I think DPD are :sparkles: brilliant :sparkles:

I’ve never had a problem with my Huel (or other) deliveries. It surprises me that other delivery companies don’t give time windows and up-to-the-moment tracking. UPS do at least deliver to a local newsagent if a signature is needed, but if DHL is delivering something it’s nearly always problematic and Royal Mail are very quick to send packages back to the sorting office if I don’t answer the door within seconds of them ringing the doorbell. Yodel are OK but there is never any indication of a time window (you’d think they could at least say Morning or Afternoon.)


I wasted half a day trying to find my Yodel parcel last week. After haranguing their support I eventually got a reply on Monday evening (after I’d left them a sit review - that always gets attention)…saying they’d spoken t driver who had dropped it with my next door neighbour. I had to point out that this neighbour was about 200 metres away and not next door. It seemed however that the person had said they’d pass it on to me and then didn’t.




And there’s one of the biggest problems. Any delivery company is only as good as the person making the actual delivery.


Yes that’s true. Some get sad when their friendly driver goes to another area.