Oh no DPD strike again

@Tim_Huel Morning Tim I have just emailed support but wanted to mention it to you just in case I don’t get a reply for a week.
Had an email from DPD at 8am this morning saying my Huel isn’t suitable for my pick up point again.
I know it is suitable as it’s been delivered there many times, I just have a feeling it’s this same Driver called Remus being awkward, I don’t know why he would though. As other drivers seem to deliver it ok. And when DPD give you more options on re delivery there isn’t an option for re delivery to a pick up point. It’s the same size and weight as I normally get.

If you see this today Tim I just had a text saying my neighbour was in and took the parcel, normally she isn’t in but thankfully today she was. But I would still like to know what this issue with DPD that crops up occasionally is with the drop off shop. If it is this driver couldn’t be assed to take it to a drop off point he needs a bollocking by DPD. Or maybe the powder was leaking out the box so they won’t take it to a drop off shop, in that case it should be returned to Huel I reckon, or put in a damaged bag to stop powder going everywhere. I like my Huel but these DPD issues that don’t seem to get sorted is letting Huel down, DPD should take more responsibility. It would be a shame to stop buying Huel just because of delivery issues, like I have said previously it would be good to have an option of different couriers in the check out so the customers can choose which courier works best in there area.

Home at last and got my Huel, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the box, no powder leaking out, the bags aren’t even ripped. Same size and weight box as usual, so I would like to know why it wasn’t suitable for a drop off shop, bit fishy this. If it happens much more I will have to look for an alternative to Huel who use a better courier in my area.

That’s really bad of DPD. I sympathise and am thankful I don’t have to rely on having my Huel delivered to a drop-off shop.

Are you sure it’s DPD’s fault? It may be that the shop refused to take it because of the size/weight etc. Different members of staff may take differing views on what they will accept.

The Chemist doesn’t open till 9AM I got the email off DPD at 8AM saying its not suitable. I have no idea I am waiting to find out why myself.

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