Try again with DPD

Just ordered some Huel seen I am off work this week. Not ordered any for a while since DPD stopped delivering Huel to my local pick up stores ( saying the Huel box was too big ) even though they had been delivering it for months to Halfords before.
I have an appointment in the morning, so hope it doesn’t come then, or I will be trying the pick up store option again and take a chance. There is nowhere to leave it hear that’s the problem, there depot is too far as well.
I can have bigger parcels delivered to a Royal Mail depot by Amazon for me to pick up or to Argos from eBay so I don’t know why I have trouble with DPD. In fact I have been having a 2KG tub of USN meal replacement from Amazon delivered to my local Royal Mail depot no problem since I couldn’t get my Huel. Would rather have Huel though so I am going to try again, fingers crossed I get it smoothly without hassle.

Dam!!! Not getting my Huel today, typically DPD will deliver when I am at my appointment so have gone for different drop off shop which will be tomorrow now. If they won’t do it I am cancelling again and giving up on Huel it’s too much hassle, this day and age with so many couriers this shouldn’t happen.
If I was ordering something else on line and one place used DPD for delivery, I could go to another company selling the same thing who might use say Royal Mail. So I would have a choice which would be best for me, but you can’t do that with Huel. I except many people think DPD are great for them and have no issues but some people do,and not just me either. That’s why I would like to see more of a choice on delivery options in the Huel online checkout for the small minority who have issues with DPD. Yes it’s good having free next day delivery but some people might be able to wait say 2 or 3 days and have it delivered by Royal Mail or maybe parcel force or even pay maybe a couple of pound extra for an alternative delivery courier. Some companies do that and I would like to see Huel do that to cater for all there customers, they might not be bothered about loosing a small amount of customers though. It’s been about 4 months since I last had Huel last and had hoped to get it again and go 100% but I would rather go else where than have the hassle and stress of actually getting it delivered

Hey finally got my Huel :joy::joy: I am a happy boy now. I can’t wait to have my first drink, hopefully I can continue now I have found a different drop off shop, and work up to 100% Huel. I need to loose weight desperately and be healthier, oh yeah and save some money. Yum Yum.

Don’t know if it’s my imagination but the delivery box ( 2 bag box ) looks smaller than I remembered it. If so it probably helps with DPD rules on box size for drop off shops.

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Sorry for missing this update about you pick-up shop woes. Is the new pick-up shop a solution for the Halfords issue? How much further is it for you?

It’s so frustrating when DPD are great for most and not for you and others. It often just comes down to local fulfilment and the specific delivery drivers as opposed to the whole company.

No worries Tim, the new pick up shop is nearer to my home, but was easier to get it from Halfords near my work. Seems odd the new one is a small chemist as the one I had a problem with was a large Halfords, but there you go, hopefully it will be ok now,thanks.

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Legit me rn.