Delivery Company Choices

Is there any chance Huel can offer us delivery company choices? DPD are utterly useless, they cannot figure out the streets on our estate, and have had so many parcels, including nearly every Huel delivery, delayed or delivered to the wrong address. They regularly photograph the road end and state I wasn’t in. Plus the nearest pick up point is 50miles away.

This is stopping me subscribing. Royal Mail/Parcelforce depot is 5mins walk from me and they have been totally reliable.

I would be willing to pay for delivery if you used Royal Mail

DPD are actually great where I live and no matter which courier company you suggest, I have no doubt that someone, somewhere, will have had problems with them.

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i dont think this option exists bruva

That’s why a choice would be good. I’ve had no issues with DPD either, but if I had, it’d be cool to have multiple options at the checkout.

But presumably it’s much more cost effective for Huel to pay for one company to collect (say) 100 shipments, than to pay for five companies to collect 20 each. If Huel was a lot bigger it might begin to make sense, but for now I don’t think they’d want to do it.

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options r a good idea bruva

I’m not actually aware of any company that offers this choice?

I agree it is frustrating - particularly as service for me with DPD is absolutely perfect so they can get it right! You might have success raising your issues directly with DPD rather than through Huel? (although I imagine you’ve already tried this route!)

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Hi @StuartJB8, I get great service from DPD so no complaints from me. I order my pet food from Zooplus and they give you a choice of delivery companies but you have to pay extra for Dpd. :blush::joy_cat:

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I love DPD, they are my courier of choice, but have a real hate hate relationship with MyHermes to the point where I won’t buy from companies who use them as their couriers.

I have seen companies who have multiple choices of courier but the postage costs have been very high for the alternatives. I wouldn’t expect that it would be cost effective for Huel to offer this service however ???

Top tip: try Resolver for issues with your courier. I have never been able to get any sense out of MyHermes so my only route has been via Resolver. Companies suddenly start to talk to you when you go down that route!

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Have you complained to Huel about this as it’s happening many times? You could complain to DPD yourself but you shouldn’t have to as it’s Huel who should chase it up for you as it’s there delivery company they use and your Huels customer. I’ve also said before it would be good to have delivery options in the checkout as I’ve had issues in the past with DPD as well. Royal Mail would be good but think maybe with the weight of the box it might possibly be an extra tenner to post.

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I’m afraid this is something we are currently unable to do, we do use Royal Mail for small orders however for any powder or RTD orders these can only be sent via DPD in the UK.

I’m really sorry to hear this, if you could please send us an email to or get in touch on our social channels we can make sure to pass on delivery information to ensure your orders go to the correct address.

We use DPD to be able to offer the quickest delivery possible for our customers however we do completely understand this may differ is certain areas depending on the couriers in your area.

Please do get in touch and we will try everything we can to make delivery as smooth as possible for you.


Yes that’s about right.

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I agree with the others on this thread. DPD are brilliant. It seems to be a company policy to smile at their customers. We have two different drivers, Dean and David and they always smile and they used to carry my parcels into our living room for me. Not during the virus though but they still wait until I answer and step backwards to leave the parcel in the hall to save me bending down to the doorstep. It’s these little touches that customers value.

I always get an email from DPD on the day of delivery followed by a one hour time slot. You have a link on the email to leave any instructions etc. I am always amazed at the efficiency of the IT systems and logistics that a parcel can come from England to Scotland within 24 hours of ordering.

I agree with one of the other posters, if you let the Huel customer support know of any problems, they can liaise directly with DPD on your behalf.


My normal DPD chap is great but I’ve been having some minor issues of late with deliveries. Same for every company I order from via the internet, they’ve had to bring in more staff to cope with demand - especially down here in Marazion where we have a generally older demographic who are shielding and this ordering more.

The latest contender for delivery of the year was the guy who left a half opened box of huel products upside down so when I picked it up I ended up with bars and powders flying all over the place. Not fun for me to have to wander around bending down to pick it all up, being disabled and all that…

Sigh. I don’t know when things will go back to a semblance of normality but I cannot wait!

one guy smashed up a huel box n one the bags was split.

other dpd drivers have been spiffing

issue with tape on boxes tho

I really don’t like the dpd drivers on my route had a lot of problems with them.

My last dpd Huel delivery recently was soaking wet falling apart and ripped open. Gawd knows what it went through.

Huel was great at sorting it out for me though. But I feel like I keep complaining about dpd too much.