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Hi, I haven’t been on here in a long while so apologies if this has been discussed and closed. I’ve been enjoying Huel for a long time, and love it.

DPD has been consistently bad where I am (oddly not for recent Huel deliveries, but basically everything else). More often than not they give us a time slot and then say they’ve ‘missed us’ even though we were all in and listening out for them. Driver is always really cocky too, but hey maybe that’s the exception. I would happily pay a higher price to send parcels via Royal Mail or someone else. If this is a common problem, how feasible would it be to give users the option?


Trouble is there’s not one universally great courier company.

I had real issues with DPD last Christmas when royal mail was on strike and all the couriers were taking on temps but apart from that they’re pretty good. DX were shocking. UPS and FedEx both great and DHL ok. Hermes shocking. I’ve just moved to a new town and DPD has so far been good, UPS brilliant, FedEx also great and Hermes as bad as ever. I’ve not had any delivery with DX here.

Logistically it makes sense for most businesses to use one company for shipping as they can get cheaper rates. I actually use UPS and FedEx for my business but I don’t ship the volumes that Huel does.

Royal Mail is now so unreliable that the Post Office has ended its exclusive contract with them and now offers the additional option of delivery via Evri or… DPD.

My Huel comes via Fedex - all usually goes well at least to the point it arrives in Malaysia then the usual ‘logic’ here kicks in and delays happen. My bars order arrived here 2 days after ordering but is still sat in the Fedex depot - presumably liquifying in the summer heat.

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced a poor DPD service in your area, obviously shipping providers can be tricky and levels of service can vary depending on the area and even the driver. If you experience an issue like this in the future I would encourage you to reach out to us via email ( immediately and report the issue so we can work to rectify it.

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My Huel delivery is due with DPD today. Although in this dreich Scottish weather is will more likely drown than melt


Haha. DPD has fucked it up today. No attempt to deliver even though said they did. Despite what 3 words location and a photo of the premises.

Edit. So what 3 words took him behind the building and he couldn’t find it. He was a relief driver, and as he drove back along he saw the street name and came down and delivered it. So all good.


Welcome to the Scottish weather. All seasons sometimes in the same day. Where I stay we just seem to have constant rain. However with climate change we have much milder winters. :weary::umbrella::umbrella::snowman_with_snow::snowflake:

Its actually been really nice weather around here the past couple of weeks. Today has been the first really rainy day.

And that’s a Scottish saying that took some getting used to “where I stay”. When I was buying my house my solicitor called (as you need a Scottish solicitor to buy a house in Scotland) and during conversation said “I stay near Ayr” so I thought he meant he stayed in a hotel for work…and I said, but where do you live then?

I just bloody told you!!!

Stay = live

Everyone says it.

No bother instead of no problem that we say in Somerset and “that’s you then!”. First time I heard that in a cafe I thought - that’s what?

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Ha ha @hunzas ull get used tay it. :rofl:

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The question is do you wear a “goonie”, where you stay?

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I must admit. I had to use my friend Google here. And no is the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all, I totally accept that there isn’t a universally good delivery co, it was more about whether there could be more than one option. Presumably if DPD is always the cheapest then you wouldn’t lose much delivery volume from the likes of me.

Just had three consecutive days of “you weren’t in” for an amazon delivery via DPD, with photos of random houses as proof. The messages are often sent within 15 mins of the start of the hour slot. I was sat in the front room the whole time on each occasion. I recognise the driver names because according to old delivery emails they’ve been here loads of times before. If I include the crap my family order, it probably goes into a hundred over a few years. On some occasions they even mooch around in my back garden. After the third “missed you” this morning I was en route to ask the seller for a refund when I caught a glimpse of the van outside and finally got it.

Anyway personal reflection is that i’m not going to let home delivery piss me around any more, one ghost call from DPD and i’m asking the seller for a return/refund.

thank you, much appreciated

After sitting in >35°C heat for more than 100 hours, FedEx finally sent the bars to the wrong (pharmaceuticals) government customs agency for clearance this afternoon. Fingers crossed my pre-warmed chocolate soup is delivered tomorrow (not guaranteed).


Photos please when you open one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dressing gown.

Yes, so I saw when I Googled it. But I don’t wear one. In this tropical climate in Scotland it’s just a mankini for me and even that’s too hot.

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I thought it meant a nightie

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