Undelivered Item

Purchased Huel using another email address dave.red165@gmx.co.uk which was supposed to delivered yesterday. DPD say it was signed for by me but it wasn’t and I was in work. at the time of the delivery. Please help locate my missing parcel.

Hey Dave, I believe Diggory took your call and we’re on it! Do please drop an email to team@huel.com in the first instance as, often, customer service queries on the forum can get lost. But glad you found our number :slight_smile:

Hi Tim

Thanks for the email. I did email you first but at some stage during ringing DPD, the bank and reporting the theft to the police I found a telephone number for you and called you.


Mr David Redfern


In regards to my phone call this week about my huel products not being delivered please see the reply I have received from DPD. They are apparently unable to speak to me and will only speak to the sender, therefore can you please contact DPD and find out what is going on.


Mr David Redfern

Same happened to me. I worked from home all day and no driver came and no door bell rang. I have CCTV, nobody came. Yet DPD marked the parcel as received by me! Emailed huel directly after speaking with a terrible DPD customer service. Waiting for an answer to my email (d.morgado-ramirez@).

Please update me as to how this is going for you Bennibomb165.


Had an email from Huel as they were investigating it with DPD the courier. Driver is adamant he delivered to my address. He provided a description of male that signed for it a white male with red hair, I’m of a mixed race with a tanned complexion and black hair. I was also in work which I can defiantly prove. Delivery Driver described my car which was apparently on the drive but the colour was wrong and at the time of the alleged delivery was parked in strain station car park. He also described my neighbours car parked on my drive which it wasn’t. More appealing though the delivery driver has stated to Huel that he has attended my address several time since the incident and speaking to me confirmed I received the parcel. As you can guess this has not been done as he stated. All in all thoroughly disappointed. As Huel cannot guarantee accurate deliveries from reputable courier firms I think will not be ordering any more of their products.

Latest…got a refund from the bank just now so they will contact Huel to get their money back. In the whole I think I’m also dissapointed with Huel
As they didn’t even offer to send me replacement goods whilst they sorted it out with DPD (Courier).

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Hey there, I believe we’re still in the process of dispute with DPD, nothing confirmed yet so please don’t write us off just yet!

We can’t just immediately resend all packages that go astray, that wouldn’t be good practice I’m sure you understand? Oftentimes, with other customers, it’s just that the package is next door, or at the pickup shop (not saying that’s what has happened here, I don’t know the full story) – just trying to illustrate why we haven’t immediately resent your package, it’s always best to try and find the original package first! I hope you understand, bear with us.

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Hi Tim

I do understand your point but my point needs to be looked at. I bought a product from you in good faith which never arrived due to your contracted courier. I am also diligent in my investigations before complaining and checked with all my neighbours who by the way do not match the description of the make the DPD driver supposedly gave my parcel too. The statement from DPD is so full of fantasy but I won’t go into that. A fulfilment of my order free of charge whilst you investigated it could have been a option. You could have taken my payment details which you hold and not charged me until the outcome of your investigation with DPD. Yes there are dubious characters out there as evidence by contracted courier company but I am not one of them.


Mr David Redfern


I am not ordering again either. I have not received a response of my report of my missing/stolen/undelivered parcel since 8th of December. I am so disappointed that Huel is shining for its absence and total lack of customer service. I thankfully purchased with my american express, i have given instructions to the to not pay to Huel. Since they are evidently not taking responsibility.

Hi there, we’re trying to track down your order, but the email address you use here doesn’t match with any order placed in our system. Do you have an order number so we could looking into this for you? Would love to help you out, just need a little more info.

Thank you Tim. I sent an email on the 8h of December with all the information.

Sure, but we can’t place this forum post with your email. The email addresses used are different so we don’t know which email received on the 8th of December was yours. I believe you might be talking with us on Twitter now? Sorry, just trying to help get to bottom of this.

So you are saying that any Huel customer that has a delivery problem and wishes for their email to the Guel team to be dealt with, has to post personal information in this forum?

And, yes it is indeed correct and sad that only by publicly shaming the delivery company you use, and your weak customer experience, you put attention to customer emails reporting delivery problems?

Clarify, to all of us this here, publicly.

Tell us how many email your Huel team has as unread in their inbox.

Tell us how many packages get stolen or lost in the whole UK every day? I am sure you can post here an average.

Tell us, do you pay to DPD for failed/stolen deliveries or it is only us, customers paying and losing money?

I think he’s really trying to help you out! But how can he if he doesnt know who you are because your forum name and email address doesnt match any in their order database.
There’s an option to send a personal message, as yes I agree its not a good idea to post your personal info on the forum.

DPD are a total nightmare. I sympathise with you wholeheartedly. Huel customer service are great… give him the info you need and it will be resolved I’m sure…

I’m a little confused here. No of course I’m not, it’s you that has come to the forum with a complaint so I’m trying to handle the issue within the forum for you :confused: but the email doesn’t match, so just drop me a DM with your order number and I can work it out.

I genuinely want to solve your issue, none of this information will solve the problem you’re having. All I know is your parcel is missing, please let me help you.


Dear Christina, i understand, the Huel team has my email since 8th of December and they should have been able to deal with it without making me repeat myself in this forum.

Are you being deliberately obtuse? The guy is trying to help y’all.


Have you read the above or just skimmed through it @Tim_Huel ?

Obtuse? Wow, congratulations @hunzas another person that gets involved without reading the complete story.