Undelivered Item


Purchased Huel using another email address dave.red165@gmx.co.uk which was supposed to delivered yesterday. DPD say it was signed for by me but it wasn’t and I was in work. at the time of the delivery. Please help locate my missing parcel.


Hey Dave, I believe Diggory took your call and we’re on it! Do please drop an email to team@huel.com in the first instance as, often, customer service queries on the forum can get lost. But glad you found our number :slight_smile:


Hi Tim

Thanks for the email. I did email you first but at some stage during ringing DPD, the bank and reporting the theft to the police I found a telephone number for you and called you.


Mr David Redfern



In regards to my phone call this week about my huel products not being delivered please see the reply I have received from DPD. They are apparently unable to speak to me and will only speak to the sender, therefore can you please contact DPD and find out what is going on.


Mr David Redfern