DPD Issues

DPD are terrible, i ordered last thursday 1/11 and i am still waiting for delivery.
They gave me a 1hr timeslot on 2/11 and didnt show.
They gave me a 1hr timeslot on 5/11 and didnt show
Today i havent been given anything.
Information on the DPD tracking site just says its twice been returned to the depot, no reason as to why.
Cant call DPD, all i get is a useless robot telling me lies about my delivery.


Willing to accept this isnt the norm but not a great start to a subscription service.

Can you offer any information?

DPD have been a particularly bad service the last couple of months - not necessarily for Huel but for lots of other orders I’ve had delivered (or not delivered!).
Three parcels of mine got ‘lost’ in the depot before even getting onto the van and I had to wait 21 days for them to do a search and compensate the seller before I could get a redelivery.
Another parcel which I had paid £12 for next day delivery, got sent to the other end of the country, had to come all the way back again, got lost in the depot for a day, and eventually was delivered to me 5 days later, no compensation, no refund, no apology.
Another parcel arrived spilling its contents all down my path.
And my Huel delivery wasn’t tracked at all as their hand-held computers weren’t working so I had no idea what time it was coming, or if it was coming, so couldn’t wait in.

I think Huel need to consider a different delivery company if DPD do not sort out their issues and appalling customer service pronto.

I wonder if it’s a specific area of the country? I live in Norwich and DPD deliveries seem to be better than anything else around here. I dread seeing that my parcel is going to be delivered by myHermes as they only give a 12 window for delivery. Can’t count the number if times I’ve stayed in all day only for them to turn up in the evening.

Yes could be! I’m in the south west and DPD has been terrible here for a while. A year or two ago they were by far the best.
They really show themselves up when anything goes wrong and their customer service is non existent, or rude at best.

I agree about myHermes - definitely an even worse option.
Around here, Yodel are better and much cheaper too. They text you first thing in the morning (unlike DPD who text you at midday IF their tracking system is working which is hasn’t been for weeks), and rather than give you a time slot they give you the drivers phone number. Text the driver and they are amazing - polite, helpful and flexible. They’ll actually give you a time that suits you if you ask. And they pretty much always live locally and are happy to drop your parcel at lunchtime or in the evening. REAL customer service.

Options are limited I know, but if companies don’t threaten to remove their custom, then DPD have no incentive to improve as the only person who loses out is the end buyer who often doesn’t get a choice of who delivers their parcel, and are powerless to complain or get compensation as DPD hasn’t been contracted by them.

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Not only DPD but UPS is terrible too.

It is not Huel fault per se but why not to offer us a chargeable alternative of more reliable service?

Trouble is couriers aren’t consistently good all over the country. In many cases it is down to the individual drivers.

DPD where I live are currently great, I have no issues at all, although I have historically. MyHermes were so bad I nearly got them featured on Watchdog, but they are fine now. Yodel are shocking, ParcelForce are rubbish, APC are shite, but used to be good… til their regular drivers quit and UPS are hit and miss.

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My concern is the ongoing delivery and having to consistently face this issue, hopefully this was a one off!
I managed to get through to DPD by email last night and they were very apologetic.
They upgraded my delivery, free of charge as they felt compelled to point out, to a guaranteed before midday service and it arrived this morning at just after 10am.
They neglected to offer any explanation why they missed the original two delivery slots.

I suspected that too and checked the service status online, South East was reported no issues

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DPD have been great in my area (so far). I live in Cheshire. Hermes ok too. Yodel used to be total crap but have improved vastly in the last few years and are excellent now.

@ChristinaT Very strange!

I use their app on my iPhone :iphone: and I can see where the delivery :truck: driver is.


I can also track my parcel through their system:

Hi there, really sorry for the issues with this one. That’s not normal at all and DPD really are head and shoulders above the rest of the courier services, but it can vary and all couriers have their issues. I’m also sorry for getting to you a day later, however I’ve tracked your order and can see that you signed for it this morning?

Your parcel has been delivered and signed for by *** at 10:50 on Wed 07 Nov 2018

Let me know if that isn’t the case, but please do email us on team@huel.com next time so we can jump right to it!

Hey @DunsfordMage
Yep their app is great!
But in my area most of the drivers don’t have hand held tracking computers for some reason this last couple months, so the only info shown on the app is the date it’s due, with no time slot and no tracking info.

Also if DPD lose your parcel in the depot somewhere or send it to a depot on the other side of the country (which they’ve been doing lots lately!), the tracking app doesn’t help at all.

@Hunzas yeah you’re right… it’s probably impossible to find a courier who is reliable across all areas.

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I like using their app too, on phone and on laptop. Very useful indeed.

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My partner ordered his Huel on Sunday and was advised that delivery would be 5th November. He is still waiting. He is getting frustrated with the DPD website and has no idea where his parcel is. We are in the North West.

It’s likely that your partner has been affected by the fact our Huel Powder is out of stock. Your partner should have received an email explaining and apologising for this problem, do ask him to check his email and especially any junk/promotional inboxes, please pass on our apologies for any problems here.

thanks Tim - he said he hasn’t received anything to that effect - and DPD have given him delivery information - the latest is that they will deliver today! Will let you know!

Actually just read about the issues you are having so we will expect delivery some time or other - thanks for your speedy response and realise this is a bit of a nightmare situation and a measure of the popularity of Huel!

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I must say, DPD has been excellent where I am (Glasgow). Every single delivery of Huel happened whilst I was at work and they followed my instructions to leave the package in a safe place to the letter. I like their website too. Other companies I get deliveries from have been dreadful so I am more appreciative of DPD and their ability to follow instructions. So far, no complaints.

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