Who do I contact regarding failed delivery?

So today DPD was meant to deliver the parcel to my safe place, however I got a message saying I wasn’t in and that I had to arrange redelivery.

I phoned them up and explained that I left a safe place option and could the driver go back and leave it in one of them (either buzz to get into the building and leave the parcel under the stairs OR go to the right of the building and through the gate and leave the package in the garden).

I get a text message about half an hour ago saying my parcel had been delivered at 12:59 this afternoon, and a picture of the parcel left underneath the buzzers to the entrance of the building.

Not in either of the safe places mentioned.

I phoned up just now, explained everything, and they said I had to speak to Huel to raise an investigation.

Anyone help me out?

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Contact the team here https://huel.com/pages/contact-us

Hi Matthew,

We’re really sorry that your Huel delivery hasn’t been successful!

If you could drop us an email to team@huel.com, with your order number, we will investigate this for you.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


DPD delivery is extremely maddening. I have ordered three times already. The first time, they tried and failed twice, and finally I had to pick it up from click & collect. Yes, they take a photo of the supposed address, but the photo was of the wrong building. The second time, I didn’t want to risk the hassle so I redirected them to click & collect. The 3rd time, TODAY, I made sure to take the day off and wait. They did not even call. I live in a flat on the 2nd floor. Our building does not have a door bell. Why couldn’t they just call me? I purchased something else online and it was due to be delivered by Royal Mail today and it was delivered without complications.