Parcel non-delivery

I’ve emailed, twice, as I can’t find a UK contact number that works. Dpd has told me 3 times they are delivering, but haven’t. I spoke with them, yes they have a contact number that works, and say they don’t have the parcel and I should contact Huel directly with dpd’s parcel number. I’m trying to. Would someone from Huel please respond to me. Thanks Kay

Hey Key,

I can see that we received both of your emails sent yesterday evening and somebody will reply to you shortly. We work through emails in chronological order so we haven’t quite got to yours yet but don’t worry, we aren’t ignoring you.

What we will do is contact our fulfilment team and ask them to delve into this a little deeper. If it is totally lost, we may need to send an entirely new order out to you but we will let you know the next steps once we have had a chat with the fulfilment.

Our goal is always to get your order to you as quickly as we can.

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Hi Olivia

I must apologise for the tone of my communications. I think it was my call to dpd that put me out of sorts.

They told me the parcel hadn’t been scanned so they had no idea where it was and the delivery notifications meant nothing.

Well today’s notification did mean something as it arrived today. So I am sorry.

Just a suggestion but maybe an email response saying the email has been received and will be dealt with as soon as possible and maybe a contact number on your website, even if it is just answered by an automatic response saying to email the team and you’ll respond. I think it’s the feeling of not being able to contact anyone that’s frustrating.

Thank you, Kay


I agree with this, I have had an issue with my first delivery - have sent an email however did not have an acknowledgement. This makes me nervous even if Huel are working on my email. An acknowledgement however automated enhances the customer experience.


Just to pet you know that they ignored your advice. They are still not answering emails, they apparently cannot even set up an automatic response. Very poor customer experience prevails.