I have had a horrible experience today. Waiting on my first Huel order. Apparently your delivery person handed it to a fictional person called Terence rather than leaving it at reception.

I had to go to every office in our building, and no one knew who I was talking about.

I have tweeted, called, emailed. And only got a cursory response. Ringing DPD was the hardest part.

I would really like to get my order re-delivered to this new address please (St Marks Studios) for Friday 20th. Please use a better courier than DPD.

Every courier will only be as good as actual person who delivers the parcel. So while as frustrating as it is when the driver does something like this, you can’t just switch provider, because, for all you know, the same driver might move to your new supplier next month. DPD are also the best courier for residential because they offer so many in-flight options for parcel delivery.

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It really sucks when a parcel goes missing but usually these things get worked out especially if you’re patient. I get pretty desperate for my next batch too though so I hear you. Good luck

Is there a workable phone number to contact Huel on??? They seem to have gone quiet…