Seriously unimpressed by DPD

They say the rang and left a card and put a photo of our front door on their site to prove it.

I was in, they didn’t ring, there was no card and the alleged photo was just a grey blur when our front door is burgundy.

What a shambles! Very disappointed. I was looking forward to one of your new bars for lunch!


Hi Rose,

I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with DPD. In general DPD offer a far superior service to all other delivery services we have trialled. But no courier is infallible and there can be problems with individual drivers that are difficult to prevent.

Rest assured the customer service team have the email you sent and will look into this as a matter of urgency.

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Thanks. They have always been very good before. I thought I had the app set to deliver to a local shop - they have always done that in the past.

I gave up on dealing with having stuff delivered to my door. The only companies that seem to manage to do that are the big ones like Amazon or Zalando. The rest of them usually get delivered to the wrong address, or they pretend it’s not delivered at all. To work around this, I’ve just been having my packages delivered to a local shop. I find I need to set this every time I get a new package though, which is annoying, but at least I get my Huel :smiley:

Has your order been sorted? I have always had positive experiences with DPD (luckily!) and it’s definitely worth downloading the app to manage the delivery.

I have just had exactly the same experience with DPD. Not impressed.

Here’s how I wait for my Huel. Can’t trust them knocking :slight_smile:


That’s just what I was doing! :slight_smile: However, I am pleased to say my immediate whinge to DPD (and Huel and anyone else who’d listen) resulted in my package being delivered later this morning! I suspect they had tried to deliver to the wrong address and left the card at that wrong address, the photo on the tracking website bore no resemblance to my (or any!!) front door being just a grey blur …

My local DPD guy is superb. Every other delivery company has this massive issue with finding my front door, but DPD is always bang on. Does seem to vary by area though.

That said… have you got the DPD app?

it’s really good for telling you where the driver is and letting you roughly predict when they’ll arrive. It’ll tell say that you’re delivery 50 and the driver is making delivery 25 or whatever and you can track em from there. Very easy to see em that way.

DPD app said driver was making delivery 14 and I was 15 so waited near door, then when I looked a few minutes later and it said that they had tried to make a delivery but no one was home! Also said they’d left a card, which they hadn’t.


That video gave me a laugh, thank you!

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I’ve had issue too with it not being next day .
A Hueller in NZ actually gets theirs quicker than me ibesidecAberdeen .
DPD change the geographical landscape to suit their own needs and call it the Highlands.
That said having the postcode restrictions on the Huel delivery page would be helpful .

I find DPD fantastic; so much better than all the alternatives. I always get an hour slot in the morning which they always seem to achieve.

If only Yodel etc where even 1/4 as good.

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