DPD Midlands

I’ve set my preferences to a drop place, o have messaged. It’s confirmed many times. Tel hey have left my deliveries sitting. There for 2 weeks, refusing to collect them and deliver. I have done all I can to raise the issue on my end, on both ends of deliveries.

DPD driver simply do not want to walk to the pick up place. They don’t to deliver, they won’t to collect. It’s a pain in their ass. Then, out of the blue, my last Huel delivery went there.

Today I get notified they’re delivering to my city centre flat and I’m at work. I won’t be home during the day for weeks. Local biz either refuse or someone steals parcels & never to be seen again AND I HAVE HAD TO PAY as it’s shown as delivered, photo n all.

I seriously will be buying off eBay as I can get click and collect far easier than the bullshit is of lazy DPD drivers.

So, my last effort here, anything huel can do about this?

Can you not do click and collect with DPD? They offer this in London at least.

Obviously not if you read the OP.

I did read it, but it wasn’t so clear to me if Indigo was following the ‘proper channels’ to do so. You can do this on their app or website, at least in my experience to three different cities/towns I’ve had DPD deliver to.

If a customer just calls or texts, yes they won’t be flexible because they have to follow their own proper channels.

Yes. As stated in post o have done this several times. They simply do not want to.

DPD were always really good but i think there is a new delivery driver in Nottingham that is doing my last 2 deliveries. My delivery instructions are to leave with the neighbour if i don’t answer or take to a pickup point if neighbour doesn’t answer. Delivery driver just dumps it on the doorstep…i live in a terraced house so doorstep is pretty much a few steps from the pavement.

I’m getting more pissed off with making complaints to DPD so if the parcel gets nicked and Huel/DPD don’t compensate, i will go elsewhere because it’s pissing me off so much.

I dont deal with dpd other than huel, mainly due to outsourcing customer service to an extremely low level. I got screamed at repeatedly with ‘give me the number’ over n over n over on a package returned by a driver for no reason and was blatantly stolen. Trying to change pick up is impossible or they simple don’t give a shit.

I always have the same dpd driver. The name is never the same telling me when it’s arriving but always same man. He is pleasant but doesn’t speak English at all. Like a warehouse I worked at where the same photo ID name tag would show up but was a different man quite often.

I’m terribly sorry about this, have you send an email to our customer experience team? If not please reach out to us at team@huel.com so we can make sure to push this complaint on our end to stop this from happening again.

This is pretty much the norm these days though with couriers. Sometimes they don’t the even knock the door let alone use the safe place you fill in.

It’s understandable with the absurd pressure they work under, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Are there any non-shit courier services these days?

I’m in the Midlands, and DPD are absolutely spot on for me. Have found them to be by far the most reliable courier

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They always have delivery times spot on and it’s quick. It’s just I don’t want it coming to my house and have specified many times, many ways. Trying to deal with them is 2nd world and I can’t be arsed dealing with any company that outsources to such a low standard.


I’ve never used it but is their app any better at redirecting deliveries?. TBH, contracted owner drivers get paid so little even if they work extended hours very day of the week, after all of the costs they have to cover, its barely minimum wage so it doesn’t surprise me when service can be very patchy.

DPD do outsource their customer support to a company called Echo-U which is UK based in Newcastle. Again, never used them, but they do offer the same services to many other high profile companies so perhaps you could speak to them about the service they are giving too if no joy from DPD.

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I’ve used the website, the app and emailed. The driver will ignore and deliver to my house. The driver doesn’t speak English, of course.
The red app if that’s based in Newcastle then they find it acceptable to have a south Asian women screaming at customers GIVE ME THE NUMBER without specifying which number. In which case they can still go F themselves.

Their wages and business set up has zero bearing on my not wanting deliveries to my city centre flat with communal entrance and neighbours who steal.

Why are you making recused for them?

I’m not making excuses for them im simply stating the drivers have a rough time of it. There isn’t any excuse for poor customer service - nor is there any excuse for your (barely) passive racism. People can behave like dicks wherever they are from.


For single parcels the trusty postman is one of the best now. Obviously no good for Huel though.

Get with it. The politically correct name is mail (not male)carrier or postal worker. I have two regular posties, one is a man and the other is a woman (and a right fine pair of norks she has on 'er too).

All couriers have their knockers, and she is just reinforcing the fact that royal mail workers do too*.

*This is satire. I am making mockery of your 70s bigoted attitude. I haven’t even looked at her boobs.


No. Things were a lot simpler in my day. Now I get told to download an app to order a fucking pint.


Once you’ve drank it, you can apply for Luis Rubiales’ job. A real man’s role.

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It took 2 years living in the midlands to adopt the classic British phrases ‘that’s just how they are’ and my landlord is ‘one of the good ones’.
At this point ebay is easier and worthy the extra £ than taking a day off work on a whim because a certain group won’t do their jobs and another group declares ‘that’s just how they are’