Delivery driver

Can’t find any other way to get in touch. Absolutely raging! I’ve wasted a whole day waiting on a delivery, the driver didn’t even attempt to deliver! I went outside for something only to find the sorry card on the ground OUTSIDE on a public path!

Very tempted to just cancel my recurring order!


Hi John,

I’m terribly sorry to hear you are yet to receive your parcel. If you could please drop us an email to with your order number, we’ll get looking into this for you right away.

Thankyou, i’ll do that right away.

Same again today! Stop using DPD!

I’m so close to cancelling! The only reason I have not is that I really enjoy Huel, however, I can’t go through this every time i order or am waiting on an order.

Sounds as if you have a rogue driver: around here they’re probably the best courier I’ve ever had: always on time in their one hour window, and with the real time tracker you know exactly where they are. Did you get a delivery window? Try using the tracker?

Having worked for many years with Parcelforce I would suggest that you get in touch with DPD directly as this is very straight forward to resolve. They can send the driver back same day, or you can collect from a depot. As this has happened twice they will ensure it doesn’t happen again but you should go direct to DPD for the best resolution. Not sure what calibre of account Huel have but I would suspect they don’t have a specialist customer service team looking after them rather simply an account manager, who from experience, won’t be office based to follow up on this issue.

Cheers guys, I have already contacted DPD.
I did use the tracker, I was watching it right up till the last 15 minutes, could see the van just around the corner on the tracker, I then went outside at the time of deliver only to find the sorry card outside on the ground!

Very frustrating as I now have to walk or get a taxi 3 miles to the pickup store!

I am also having issues today. I got a notification yesterday that my order will be delivered today and that I will be sent an email with my one hour delivery slot…I am still waiting for that slot. I am a first time customer and am very keen to start using this product but if this is the way the service starts then I am doubting it already. I have tried sending a twitter message but the staff there were so unhelpful so I have now sent an email in hopes that someone can check on my delivery.

Hi Tamsyn - I have just responded to your email with your delivery slot for today.

Thanks Zoe, I have received it and am happy

Kind regards,

So the latest on my delivery saga is that DPD spoke to the driver, he said that he couldn’t gain access to the flat. This is a bare faced lie as the main entrance door has been broken for around one year!

I’ve replied and am taking it further if they do not resolve the issue. I also refuse to pay for a taxi to the pick up store and back due to a lazy prick of a driver.

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I have had issues again worth my second delivery. I ordered my second batch of Huel fairly early in the day on Monday and set it to go to a pickup location but apparently the DPD driver didn’t get told in time so they never bothered delivering yesterday and didn’t bother telling me. Then just before midnight last night I got an email saying the DPD delivery person missed me and left a card…After 2 deliveries gone wrong I am really disappointed as I really love the Huel but there always seem to be issues with delivery.

Hi Tamsyn, further to our Twitter DM conversation I’ll just explain what has happened. Because the delivery was already out for delivery when you made the request to have it left at a drop shop, it had to go back to the depot and this delayed it by a day. Hence the ‘unable to deliver’ notification yesterday.

It was delivered to the pick-up shop (the one you requested) this morning at 9:16 and is ready for collection.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.