Huel is not responding to any of my emails

I’m quite disappointed with Huel. I’ve been trying to contact them regarding a delivery that never came because it was sent to the wrong address. It has already been a couple of days. What can I do?

there is a live chat facility with customer service during office hours on the main website.

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They do sometimes take longer than a couple of days to get through all their emails. Plus if you email more than once their system shunts you down the queue (daft I know but it does).
Do what Phil suggests and try live chat. There’s also a phone number.
They will respond to your email, I’ve never not had a response, but sometimes they reply the next day and sometimes I’ve had to wait a week. I wouldn’t worry though - they will sort it.

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Hey there, so sorry for the lack of response, we do have reduced coverage over the weekends, we aren’t ignoring you though and will get back to you as soon as we can with a resolution :blush:

The only thing I can add to this conversation is that I realised I made a mistake the other day, emailed and didn’t get a reply… unusual. Huel normally very quick.
I had replied to the Huel delivery email. Which doesn’t go to the correct team or is not monitored. not sure. Problem being that the “from” says Huel and it’s only by digging I notice the email address is actually different…
Suggest you go for it’ll all be lovely!

Team, if you read this, I’m probably not the only one to have made the same mistake. Maybe worth sticking an automated “this email not monitored” response to all the “wrong” email addresses or make sure that the sender says something other than Huel (ie Huel delivery team, something specific)

That automated email you get is actually from DPD not Huel. I don’t think Huel can modify it (if they can they should, but I’m pretty sure it’s DPD automated standard email that goes out and the only thing that is customised is the dispatching company name).
DPD do need to make it more clear that the email is their automated system response and the email should not be replied to.

Yeah but no but

Email from sender “Huel”

As they all are…

I replied and had no response. Which i thought odd.

The problem got resolved and i went to email again to say no problem, stand down, love what you do and thanks for keeping me alive…

When i look, the email i replied to actually was from sender (Display name) HUEL actual address

I had sent a complaint/ question - i had NO reply, no automated response. Nothing.

My concern is that the original poster who had no response might’ve done something similar, and had similar non-response.

As my experience has been Huel team ALWAYS responsive.

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@Marvin7xx yep exactly that.
It appears the email is from Huel but it’s not.
I think you’re right - a lot of people reply to this email thinking they are emailing Huel but they aren’t.
DPD really need to change their email format or ‘from’ field to make it clearer.