Didn't receive anything

I’m really disappointed about this service. I’ve gone to huel to try the difference from biotrition and so far I wish I didn’t. I’m a University student so i have to be very cautious with my funds and over £40 purchase is a lot of money that I can’t be waiting on for this long. I received an email saying that the parcel has been delivered and signed by “YANKSON”. No idea who that is and no parcel has been delivered. I made a ticket 4 days ago but still have not received a reply. By that time I could have already received a refund , bought from alternative supplier and had it delivered…

That sounds to me as though your delivery was hijacked by somebody else… Not Huel’s fault, but perhaps DPD should take a photograph of the person signing for a parcel (like they take a photo of the parcel when they leave it in a designated (by you) safe place.)

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Some of my DPD drivers state on the tracking that the parcel has been delivered to a safe place (the front porch I haven’t got) and a card put through the door…when they actually handed the parcel over to me. Often wonder why this happens. Anyone know? :thinking:

I didn’t even get a note saying your parcel is left here or there… even tried knocking on neighbours doors and with no luck… still no reply from Huel to my ticket…

Who was the email from?

DPD although it says from Huel. Should I try contacting them do you think?

Well it sounds like DPD was to blame for your non-delivery. I’d at least ask them what happened…

DPD have obviously delivered this to the wrong address. Contacting DPD is a good idea - they should be able to investigate and tell you what address they delivered to. If they insist it was delivered to your own address however (it happens sometimes… driver error) then Huel will have to submit a claim, as the sender, and this can unfortunately take a while as DPD will have to investigate all over again… :frowning:

This cracked me up :rofl:
It’s already quite funny getting a photo of my parcel deposited under a bush / in the shed / by the cat / behind the bins etc. It would make my day to get a text alert with the shocked face of my neighbour holding my parcel :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It is actually quite a good idea however. Or at least a photo of the house door or a geo-tag of the exact location


Well yes, particularly if somebody signed for it then purloined it… They’d be less likely to do that if a photo was taken.

I think if that was to happen you would have to ask the person’s permission to take there photo, you couldn’t just take it as I am sure it would be against the law or something.
I once seen a courier ( no idea which one as he just had a plain white van ) posting a package in a letterbox and taking a photo of the door while pushing the package through

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Any feedback on Biotrition? I can’t find much information on them, does it taste similar to unflavoured unsweetened huel? What is their service like? I messaged them weeks ago and they still haven’t replied.

Don’t think that is something we should discuss here, but I did take a look.
All I could find was there own website, which I think is lacking information.
No reviews, comparisons or anything on other websites.
They only ship outside of UK if a consumer would contact them and discuss
the possibilities, so I’m not really interested myself anyway (living in Holland). :rofl:

Not heard of that one before, they use my Hermes for delivery it says on there site and on eBay they use Royal Mail and use click and collect.
@ChrisH0402 have you tried Pulve? ( Netherlands ) I came across it last night but seem to be out of stock at the moment.

Thanks for coming up with it, haven’t tried but after reading your comment I have sent
them a message using their contact page. Let’s see if they get back in stock anytime soon.
That said, when I click on sample order I get ‘page not found’.
Any idea for how long they’ve been out of stock ?

No idea, I only heard of the stuff last night

Okay, thought if it has been like this for a long time it could be done.
Explains why the sample page ain’t working and the website looks pretty minimal.
I’ll see if they get back at me.

Did try a few other brands, so far they just weren’t it for me (for different reasons).
Still a Hueler for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for such late reply, it was DPD I needed to contact straight away, my fault. They delivered to me a new parcel almost the next day. And the support ticket was answered too. Sorry for causing a mess. I like that you can drink Huel with water too.

I might try a bag of vanilla and see what it’s like, £20 for 20 servings.

I’m glad it got sorted out in the end.