Shocking delivery

Ordered and not received due on Monday. No response form HUEL.

Have you tried contacting DPD as they normally email you tracking details?

They say you recalled it

@davidjanelancaster did you email (Don’t reply to the delivery notification email because that comes from DPD not Huel even though it says huel)

Just so you know, this is a forum, people replying here are other consumers, not Huel staff. There are a few that staff the forum but they aren’t customer service and can’t directly access your account / order details I don’t think.
I’ll tag @Tim_Huel anyway, in case he can help, but make sure you have sent an email to the right address as they are normally pretty good at responding within 24/48hrs

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Who recalled it?

Hey David, gutted to hear that you’ve not got your order yet. I’ve checked in with the team and it seems like it was the wrong address on the delivery so one of the team replied to you yesterday around 10am. Did you get that one? We just need to confirm the correct address and will sort it out.

I don’t recall.



[redacted by staff]



Dave, you have sent your address publically on the forum instead of privately to the Huel staff.

Ok ta hopefully more chance of it arriving!!

yes, but also more chance of a psycho turning up at your door, since you’ve posted your address for the world to see :sweat_smile:

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A clown with a big chopper may be round

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Please leave your chopper in your trousers @hunzas


Thanks David, I’ve passed this on. Please reply to our emails though :pray: the forum isn’t the best place for customer experience enquiries to be solved, we’ll do our best of course, but those that monitor the forum (generally @Dan_Huel, @JamesCollier and I most frequently) are not from the CX team.

This is true.