Don't pay extra for Saturday delivery - Ignored by Huel

Hi all,

Just to give you my experience on Huel Saturday delivery (££ extra charge) and Huel customer service team.

So I ordered 4 pouches Friday morning, well before the cut off time. Paid £2 extra to Huel for guaranteed Saturday delivery. Saturday came and no delivery, I waited in all day as id paid for Saturday delivery so I expected it Saturday.

Thought ok, sometimes things go wrong, so it will be delivered Monday. Monday came, no delivery. Early Monday afternoon I email Huel Customer Service to explain my situation, I ordered Friday, paid for Saturday delivery, no delivery Saturday, no delivery Sunday, no delivery Monday. That leaves Tuesday delivery to be the earliest, that’s 4 days since I ordered! They couldn’t be bothered to reply to me, update me or even apologize.

All I wanted was what I had paid for, but I have no Huel, no Saturday delivery payment being refunded, and worst of all my email to Huel being ignored.

The above is just to give you an idea of what Can happen, and as a new customer it’s very disappointing. Hopefully the above will make you think twice when ordering in the future…

Sorry to hear that I don’t know what’s happened there, shame it’s late now as I doubt any of the staff will see your post until tomorrow to help. Hopefully they will email you tomorrow. I put an order in on Friday evening at 5.40PM and got a confirmation email straight away. Then got an email a bit later at 6.50PM saying the Huel had been dispatched for next day delivery, I didn’t even pay extra for Saturday delivery.

Way to kick a dude whilst he’s down!


It just would of been nice to get an update off them so I know why it wasn’t delivered Saturday, then Monday comes and still nothing.

I took the time to email them and then don’t reply, I just want to know what’s going on.

Shame I have to write a post on here just to try and get an answer from them

There usually pretty good at answering and sorting things out, maybe they have been busy and not got round to your email yet. I don’t know but don’t write them off just yet see what they say, I know it’s disappointing but they are a decent company and many here will agree. And there delivery is usually swift. I was merely pointing that out when I said i ordered Friday evening and it was sent out 1 hour later for Saturday delivery. I wasn’t in a rush for it so didn’t pay extra for Saturday delivery, didnt expect that but pretty good service.

Hi @Tim_Huel

Please can you update me on my order, will it be delivered today?
This was ordered Friday morning and I paid for Saturday delivery!

I have had to ring this morning to chase, told it was a human error and I will be emailed when you have information, still I have had no email from you.

A confirmed delivery date would be nice as this is now day 4! Also an apology??


Someone seems a little annoyed ?

Mistakes occasionally happen … that’s life !
Did anyone die? No
Did the world collapse ? No
Ok you waited a little longer … through no fault of Tim’s (I’m guessing)…
if we all give you a cyber hug and be patient …

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Mate I ordered last Friday, and like I said in the first post mistakes happen which fine.
But not having a confirmed delivery date 4 days later and still no reply is very bad customer service. Bad customer service means unhappy customers

Hey Ross, I’ve chatted to Liv about this and it seems like DPD have had a shocker. Let me attempt to answer your queries and add some context to the thread.

We absolutely never ignore any emails ever. It can seem that way from your end but when we have lots of emails it just takes us some time to get to the most recent ones. I’d hate for you to think we were ignoring you, we wouldn’t ever do that.

Sorry for any confusion, Liv spoke to you on the phone this morning at half 9 and confirmed everything with you. We haven’t emailed you since it was covered on the call. As we said, DPD loaded this parcel onto the wrong truck and that is why your delivery hasn’t happened. We told you it will be with you today if it hasn’t already arrived. Your Saturday delivery charge was refunded too.

We absolutely apologised to you on the phone and I’m so sorry you don’t think we have. I’m not sure what more to say other than we’re sorry for the problems DPD have caused you.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply.

When I phoned this morning I was told you were waiting for a reply from the fulfillment centre, and I would be updated by email which I never got.

I was told delivery should be today but not confirmed, this would be confirmed by email which I never got.

I have checked dpd myself and there is no delivery scheduled for my order for today.

All I would like is a confirmed delivery and to be updated on whats happened. You’ve now explained the situation, but it shouldn’t have to be done on an open forum, that update should of been sent by private email.

Again thanks for your reply.

Your initial questions were posted on a public forum; and were addressed as such. Surely it would have been unfair if the company was not able to show their side publicly. After all it appears there has been behind the scenes stuff going on that your initial postings did not make clear to the casual observer.

That said, in the 21st century social media is a great way to get the attention of companies who are ignoring you. I use it myself regularly, and it usually reaps quick rewards.

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Well said Hunzas :+1:

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I agree, well said :+1:

Just to update, I finally got an email this afternoon with an update, thanks Huel, that’s all I wanted.

Was told delivery would be today, but still no delivery.

Hopefully Huel will come up with a solution as this dragging on now, will be day 5 if I get my order tomorrow.