I've paid on Saturday, but not got any update on my order

PayPal has been charged, but I haven’t had any notice of my order, no text message for delivery, and obviously no delivery regardless.

Never had this happen before. I emailed this morning but got no response.

Yes I have had similar and have sent 2 emails and not got a reply.
I have just checked my bank account and it shows Huel as taking payment on the 6th july and the 9th july and still no sign of my order.

Before this month service was very good. Being charged twice for one order that has not turned up.

Hey there! I believe we have responded and resolved both of these via email, sorry for the delay responding here though. Do favour sending customer service requests through to team@huel.com just because you’ll get a response faster. Of course we won’t neglect messages here though! We just might get back to you a little slower (sorry).

If either of you have any other issues then do let us know. :slight_smile:

I have emailed you twice and the issue has not been resolved. You have taken £117 off my card on the 6th & the 9th. I expect you to contact me urgently. I would call you but don’t have a number.

Mushroom, see above.


Get over yourself, I pointed out what the Huel employee told you to do. You still posted to the forums which you were told would get a slower reply.


Still no response to my emails yet. Tried contacting huel via twitter and the guy replied by posting a number which turned out to be a DPD answer phone.

This is really bizarre, we’ve replied to all the emails we’ve received from you. There must be some issue here with either of our email - either yours aren’t coming through or ours to you are not. Hence why we believed this to be resolved.

Could you please confirm what flavour Huel Pouches you would like and I can change this. That’s why your order hasn’t been sent out yet.

For your information here’s what’s happened:

  • You asked us to change you order to a different date
  • We changed your to the earliest date possible but the order had already processed which we didn’t spot
  • Therefore two orders were placed/charged because it effectively looked like your next subscription had been moved forwards
  • Your order was put on hold due to the flavours not registering

Really sorry, it was our mistake processing an order after one had just been processed. We have now refunded you for both orders. Just confirm which Huel Powder you would like and we will the process your order free of charge.

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I think the order was for 400+ bags of huel of varying flavours :wink:


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Thank you. Chocolate flavour please or Cacao would be Ok as well. Will this be delivered on Saturday? My emails appear to be coming through from everyone else.
I have a alternative email address which is the same as my apple except @outlook.com on the end.

Sorry you mean the pouch flavour ?
I have always requested the vanilla gluten free v2.3

Thanks, New and Improved Vanilla from your last orders. We’ll get that sorted. Sorry again.

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Can you try my alternative email address please ? it’s the same as my i cloud address but with @outlook.com I am not aware of any email problem other than with you.

Unfortunately my Huel order has still not happened. As promised the duplicated order was refunded on my cc but was then taken out again on the 13/7/18 again double (2x £117.75 ) and still no sign of my order. I have emaile you my phone number and my alternative email address.
It is now over 12 days since my order was made so will you please call me to sort this problem out please

Chasing this now. Really sorry.

Follow up for thread. We believe the additional payments mentioned above are just delays from the bank in refunding, not actually a 3rd and 4th payment, but @mushroom do let us know when everything is processed please! We’ve spoken on the phone and sorted the bundle out along with a tracking number for it. As Ella said on the phone, massive apologies again for the issues here.

It’s so frustrating for us both and thanks for being so understanding :+1:

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Thanks for looking into this for me… I’ve received all the emails this morning including the DPD one. So it now looks like I will receive my order tomorrow. I will check my card account after I receive my order


I got my order today and thanks very much for the generous amount of extra goodies you gave me.

As usual I arranged to collect my order from a DPD pickup shop but something went wrong ( Obviously not Huel’s fault ) I noticed on the tracking the package was on it’s way to the pickup shop then not long after I received a email telling me the order would be delivered direct to my home address and not the DPD pickup shop which would have been ok but the date was switched to tomorrow when I am working a 12 hour shift.
So I clicked on the email and saw it provided an option to collect direct from DPD at 6.30pm - 7.30 pm.
So as I was already going near to the DPD depot I decided to call in at DPD but at midday. A DPD guy said he would check the tracking number and 2 minutes later he brought out the Driver who explained he had actually made the delivery to the DPD pickup shop and that the shop had a problem with their barcode scanner. So luckily the pickup shop was not far away and I eventually got my hands on my Huel and all the loverly goodies.
All good in the end


Thank you for sticking with us on this one. So many people have completely flawless experiences and then sometimes basically everything that can go wrong does go wrong for just one person - just so sorry that it was you.

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