No delivery - website saying update paypal

Anyone had any issues with their subscriptions? My 2nd delivery was due this Monday past, but nothing arrived. On checking on the Huel website it says “update your paypal primary credit card” but on paypal I have Huel setup as a live subscription and I only have one card on paypal so very confused whats happening.

Should I just order a new delivery or is one still being processed?

I’m waiting for a delivery since 8 working days, but I don’t think it’s related to your problem since I already paid for it. I guess it’s something messed up with the paypal subscription, have you tried contacting the Huel support?

Hey there, thanks for raising this. Would you be able to email us on I’m unsure why this would be a problem, I’m sure it’s just a little over my head! I see you’ve managed to update your card info and your order was successfully placed today.

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Hi Tim, I was so worried I wouldn’t get a delivery until after the weekend that I just cancelled the paypal and used a credit card instead! I only have enough Huel to do me until tomorrow!

Am I better ordering it every 3 weeks, as I usually take 2 x 2 scoops per day - so I doubt two packets will last me 4 weeks. Will the site allow me to do that?

Thanks for getting back to me though, much appreciated!