Waiting 13 day's for delivery of my subscription, and still nothing

Sorry for the long post. But I got to get this of my chest.

On May 19th I got an Email telling me “Your Huel subscription is set to renew on the 22nd of May”
On May 22nd Huel charged my PayPal account € 171,50 for my subscription (1 bag of Barry- 2 bags of Coffee-, 1 bag Mint Chocolate-, 2 bags of Vanilla- and 1 bag of Banana flavor)
I got a “Thank you for your order” mail the same day.
So far so good………

On May 25th I got a mail telling me “…order is ready to leave our fulfillment house and will be with you very soon. The majority of our orders places will be shipped in 3-5 business days.”
In the may was a link to the tracking information.
Tracking information said: “Prenotification received”

On the 28th of May I contacted Huel Customer Service. Asking them where my order is.
A Customer Experience Executive told me (on the 28th) “It will hopefully be delivered today or tomorrow.”

On the 30th of May I received a mail asking me “We’d love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking either link below:
How would you rate the support you received? Good, I’m satisfied or Bad, I’m unsatisfied”
I told them I was unsatisfied because I still didn’t get my order.

No response from Huel

On the 2nd of June mailed again asking about my order and telling them I am getting pissed because the order I paid for on the 22nd of May still did not arrive.
Within two hours I got a response from de same “Customer Experience Executive” telling me: “I have contacted our fulfilment centre for an update, and I will let you know when they reply.”
This was more than 18 hours ago (as I write this) No response yet…….

Today the 3rd of June I received 1 bag of Huel. Just one…… I ordered 7!

Is this normal?
I figured, when I renew my subscription, I will get my order in a few days. (give and take a day due to Covid-19) But it is almost two weeks…… And still just one bag not 7.

oh dear, this is not normal in my experience.

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Hey Remco,

Firstly, I’m really sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some trouble with your latest order. This is absolutely not our usual standard and I can only apologise.

I can see that my colleague, Cam, replied to you around 40 minutes ago with 2 tracking numbers as your parcel was split in 2 due to the size.
He has also asked you a couple of questions regarding the missing pouches so we can ensure these are sent out to you.

Hopefully we can get this resolved for you ASAP.

Thanks so much for your patience.

Hi Olivia,

You know i am a customer. I am an adult. So, please threat me that way.

your parcel was split in 2 due to the size.”? My previous order was 7 bags as well. It came in one big box. So what’s the story about this parcel being too big???

Cam said in his last email “They are trying to locate the lost parcel but I would like to send you the missing pouches again for free.” Mabey you can help me understand what he means by “free” as you can see English is not my first language. But it is almost two weeks ago I paid for 7 bags of Huel. So get me what I paid for. And stop telling stories.

Hi Remco,

After speaking with our fulfilment centre as well as our logistics team, the most common reason that orders are split is due to the stock of boxes in our warehouse. Simply, if we don’t have large enough boxes, the order will be split into two.

I absolutely understand why that can be frustrating and I’ve raised that with the team.

I also apologise for any confusion regarding Cam’s latest email to you. I can see that he was referring to sending out the missing pouches as opposed to additional product for free.

It would be great if you could continue your chat with Cam via email so we can get this sorted for you.

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