Order not arrived

Hey :wave:
I am new to the forum. I took out a 4 weekly Huel subscription at the beginning of August. The date for my next delivery was 5th September. I had an email from Huel on 5th saying order received and will email when on its way. Payment had been taken already.
However I still haven’t received my order. There have been no emails. I have emailed 3 times with no response from the Huel team.
Looked on my account and it says Huel subscription 5th September and also brings up the next one for 3rd October.
Really disappointed as I was really enjoying it and now I am completely out. Paid for a product I haven’t received and the customer service team haven’t replied to my query.
Anyone else had this problem?

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There’s been a few problems lately - I think some huel might have been out of stock, but mainly the issue has been because they migrated to a new fulfilment centre and it caused some delays and other issues.
Normally their deliveries are really reliable, but there’s been lots of missing orders this last couple of weeks.

I wouldn’t worry too much - they will definitely sort it out for you but they are taking a while to get through the back log of emails and queries.

I will tag @Tim_Huel @Dan_Huel and @Olivia_Huel . They may be able to look into it for you. You’ve done the right thing by emailing customer services, because the forum moderators are a different team, but the forum staff will help you sort it out if they can. They won’t be back online til Monday though.

In the meantime… I guess if you’re really desperate you could place another order (one off orders get delivered next working day - the issues seem to be effecting subscriptions I think, but I could be wrong).
Or a fellow forum buddy might help you out if they have a stockpile lol - what city are you in?
I know how annoying it is to run out when you rely on it… I always have a spare bag or two in case of unforeseen delays with deliveries !

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Sorry to hear this. I got my first order on Friday, and started today while I got to grips with knowing what to do yesterday. It wasn’t until late Friday evening that I realised, my free T-shirt was missing. Now I know it’s only free, but that’s beside the point. Haha. So if anyone reading this thread sees my message, hit me up with my free tee please :call_me_hand:t3:

Hi @dipdotdub if you email the customer support team on team@huel.com after the weekend they will sort things out for you.

The T-shirt’s come in an envelope the same colour as the box - can be easy to miss and from what I remember I thought they’d not put my T-shirt in. Was there a packing list in your box also?

I’d contact customer service and i find the email slow to respond so would use Facebook Messenger via their Facebook page seems quicker.

I had my parcel dropped off at a shop as I knew I wasn’t going to be in. I didn’t have a packing list either :face_with_hand_over_mouth: oh mannn. I’ll message their messenger now :slight_smile:

@dipdotdub the packing list is stuck to the inside of the box. Do you still have the box?

I think the new system doesn’t use a packing list, just a bar code, so could be a problem with the new system.

Hope they get the new system sorted! :worried: