Stock issues delaying subscription delivery?

Hi there,

I received an email in my junk folder saying there have been some stock issues and my subscription delivery will be delayed by 7 days.

I have just run out which means I’m without supplements for at least a week. Super annoying when I have a training and diet plan.

Has anybody else got this?

New user here. I ordered my first batch of Huel yesterday but have received the same email overnight.
I did however receive an email yesterday afternoon saying my order had despatched and when logging into my account the order status says the order is fulfilled.

So I’ve mailed them but no response as yet.

Gutted if they don’t arrive because I’m all fired up for starting my journey today!

Sorry for the confusion, and obviously we’re so sorry to you both and everyone else for the stock outage of Huel Powder as we know how much inconvenience this will cause.

The email you received confirming dispatch was incorrect as there was just overlap between us going out of stock and our fulfilment team marking orders as fulfilled – it was just human error, sorry for that. Any orders placed after 20:30 Sunday will not be fulfilled.

For clarity:

UK and EU orders will take 7 and 10 working days from your order date, respectively. We are due to start blending this week and orders will start to be dispatched w/c 12th November. Just so you know we are fully stocked of our Bars, Granola, and Flavour Boosts, it’s just Powder that is affected.

So let me be clear, you ran out of stock on Sunday night, yet were still advertising next day delivery on the website on the Monday… knowing you couldn’t fulfill???

That’s right, we updated the website at 1030 on Monday with information on the out of stock. All customers have been emailed apologising and we’re working out a solution to make amends for all affected Huelers in the long term. It’s not a good situation but we’re working through it. To reiterate, we’re so sorry for the problems here.

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@Tim_Huel Well you must be selling something we want or you wouldn’t run out! :wink:


I made two EU orders (currently marked “unfulfilled”) on the Saturday 3rd at ~5pm and Sunday 4th at ~10am.

I have received no email indicating stock issues, only two order confirmations.

Am I correct in interpreting “Any orders placed after 20:30 Sunday” does not include my orders, and that they will be fulfilled? If so, is there remaining stock to do that this week?

See! This is why I hate it when things go mainstream. That bloody advert. (Lol)

Yes, really, really not happy about this situation as I too rely on Huel as part of my programme. It’s not acceptable.

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Yeah, the reliable delivery for this kind of product is as equally important as the product itself.

So, yes, it is a serious problem. Next 10-15 days out of Huel powder when you already got to use it as a part of daily routine …

First UPS delivery problems and now this … Have to admit, it is not good at all.


Start stockpiling now. If global overpopulation doesn’t get you, the zombie apocalypse will.


Same here, I have only a couple of meals left and was counting on the delivery for tomorrow, right before some stressful days at work (I counted on Huel to alleviate the stress a bit and save time on the cooking/eating). Quite annoying to be honest. One would expect the subscription deliveries to be easily forecast and planned for.

I also wonder if there was not a better solution, e.g. split deliveries (max 1 bag now, rest of the order when there is availability) so that at least as many people as possible are unaffected.

Anyway, all in all is not a terrible thing (we just need to get back to cooking a bit more for a few days!) and hope you guys are back to speed as soon as possible.


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So glad I stocked up when I did. I am running out of granola but fortunately there is not a problem with that.

My order is due to process on 13th Tim.
What if anything does this situation mean to me?
I’m down to about 1/3 of a bag of u/u and 1/2 of original vanilla, so 13th was going to be fine, but much beyond that and I’ll have run out.

Good job I got mine on Friday or I would be on that slim fast rubbish this coming Thursday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol not!!!

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Think I may look at spreading out mine just in case of delay

I’m just going to eat cheesecake for the next week or so. I now have a legitimate excuse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve just signed up for a new subscription but I have to say this does not inspire confidence. If this happens again, I 'm sure I’m not going to be the only one looking for an alternative. You shouldn’t need your customers to tell you that the business you are in has a direct effect on people’s daily lives.

New customer here. Decided to try Huel for the first time after using another brand for the past year. I ordered last Sunday evening. I didn’t even get an email telling me what was happening, nor did I get a reply to the email I sent to I had to find out through this forum. There’s also no option to just cancel the order since it shows as fulfilled.

Not a good start.

You should have received an email about this, check your spam if you’ve not opened it. Your order won’t be fulfilled.

This was actually only correct for UK orders. Sorry for my confusion there.

Fingers crossed that we get everything sorted by then and that is currently the plan.

@lowan, @Gamilkar, @Edu, @CJTregear, @Beto - I can’t apologise more, we’re so sorry for the huge inconvenience this has caused. If we haven’t replied to your email it is only because we haven’t yet got to it, being out of stock issue has caused a huge amount of emails and we massively appreciate your patience.