Delayed delivery

Just been told my delivery will not be here on the date it was promised.

I’m thinking new customers are being prioritied after the TV ad campaign over long standing ones like myself. So stock is an issue.

Not happy as now I have no powder left!

They’ve had issues for about a week now as they ran out of a key ingredient. Everyone has been affected - new customers and subscribers. We’ve all been told deliveries will be delayed. It’s nearly resolved now tho so you should get yours soon.
It probably feels worse for long-time huellers as it’s a nightmare to suddenly have to go without when you’ve been used to depending on it.
Also if you’re a subscriber, you may not have logged in recently so may not have seen the messages they’ve had posted up informing everyone.
I’m a newbie so I knew when I placed my order that I would have to wait a bit so it’s fine. Plus I was lucky to get an order in JUST before the shortage.
The good news is, they are unlikely to let this happen again as it’s been a total headache for them to resolve and to keep everyone happy (ish).

If you’re desperate, maybe put a shout out on here stating what flavour you need and someone might be happy to help you out.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m away for a couple of days now so should be ok thanks.

This is not a great place to be for Huel.

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Really sorry there is a delay to your order, it is simply because there are stock issues at the moment that we are working through. Nothing else.

Absolutely not the case. We wouldn’t do this, we’re working through backlogs in chronological order and it’s just taking some time.

Hopefully you picked up our emails and message on site explaining the stock issue. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, please know that every order is treated equally.

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Can confirm, that as a new customer, we aren’t being prioritised (still not received mine) but expected given the notice they had on their website about 3 day delays.

I posted this on a different thread, but worth putting it in here.

Where we’re at now in the UK.
Regular Huel:
All orders from last week has been fulfilled and should have now been delivered unless there was a specific issue with delivery.
All orders this week for Regular: approx 3 day delay, should be dispatched by Friday

GF Huel:
Powder that was ordered last week has now been fulfilled and should either be with the customer or on its way today/tomorrow. All orders this week for GF approx 3 day delay, should be dispatched by Friday

We don’t expect this to be dispatched until Nov 26th due to time it takes to be tested by Informed Sport.