Is anyone working @ Huel uk today?

Have an order that hasn’t been dispatched in 3 days. Have tried contacting them on all forms of contact offered, with no response. I’m out of Huel and literally starving. Poor form Killing of it’s subscribers with starvation.

I think they’ve run out of stock…so could be busy catching up on all the emails.

…or knocked off early and down the pub.

Eat something then?


I’m also waiting for my order, in the product page it says:
"Really sorry but due to stock shortages, orders will take 10 working days from your order date. "

My order was placed (by subscription) on November 5.
I just run out of Huel and I’m starving as well xD

I’ve just received an email, “Your order has been dispatched!”
Finally! :heart_eyes:


Just for clarity of this thread, @317 was replied to and I believe it’s all sorted. Sorry that we weren’t able to contact us on Friday, it sounds like we were just swamped with messages/calls.

@nacho.valera, great to hear you’re order has been dispatched. Our fulfilment team are working around the clock to catch up on delayed orders. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but glad to hear it’s on the way!

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