Half the order

I am new to Huel but I really love the concept. Was really happy with everything and even recommended friends to try it out but they got my order wrong. I was subscribed for 4 huel packs but only received 2. I am extremely disappointed that after sending an email about this no one has contacted me yet. Has anyone had a similar experience? Does Huel even reply? I haven’t even had a confirmation that they are looking into it

I had a similar mess up the other month, I got a reply the day after contacting and it was swiftly rectified. :slight_smile:

I think they should be clearer on their response times but I am glad they rectified the issue. Apparently if you change the order you have to also update the flavours as well instead of assuming they would send you more of the same.

Hi @nickk, thanks for the message. Sorry you weren’t impressed with our response times. As you sent multiple emails and because we answer customer service enquiries in chronological order (oldest to newest) your messages got bumped to the most recent emails, hence why we didn’t respond as fast as usual to your first email. We replied to your second email within 66 minutes.

When you say that we should be clearer on our response times could you clarify what you mean? We’re always looking to improve our Huelers’ experiences!

Hi @Tim_Huel. I think the contact us page should have dynamic average response timescales at the very least. Or even an automated email response that you have received the customer’s query and will respond within 24 hours. I still love Huel so keep up the good work.

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