Help! Order delay

My order placed on 02/12/19 has not delivered to my home. I ask for your fast support. Order Number: #76544-EU.
I’m a bit desperate, because I tried to contact customer service in any way, but without success.
I live in Italy.
Best regards,
Fraccalanza Lucia

When did you contact them? Did you send an email to the correct address, and got a Request Recieved automatic response mail (check to see that it hasn’t been marked as spam)?

Customer service employees don’t work at nights or weekends, and I’m sure they will get to you as soon as they can but it will not be tonight. No need to send multiple emails regarding the same issue as they go through them in chronological order and more emails just means longer response time for everyone else.

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did you receive a tracking number for the courier too? if so what is the status on the tracking?

I receive this alert on my Huel’s account and a confirm in my email that my order was approved by Huel’s system. That’s it. I’ve tried to contact Huel’s staff of Messenger, Twitter, Huel site’s form, but I didn’t receive any reply. I’ve tried to written at or, but the gmail’s system failed to send the emails to these.
The home address that I’ve specified on Huel’s system is correct.

OK did you set this as a one off purchase or a subscription purchase to be despatched at set dates? if you did this in your account section of the main page you can see when the dispatch dates are/were? sorry if this is a bit vague - just trying to think of what it might be until one of the Huel team reply. @Tim_Huel

First ever purchase, included in a subscription. I think there was a problem / delay to be attributed to the courier (DHL), I hope to receive help directly from Huel in this regard.

Hey Lucia, thanks for getting in touch. You’ve done all the right things about contacting us. The team have got a massive amount of emails to get through but will absolutely get to yours. Every email we receive is fairly urgent so we’ve got to work through our messages in chronological order. We will get to you and I’ve no doubt the team will sort it out.

We’re not ignoring you, just hold fast and we’ll get back in touch :blush:

Thank you very much, so I’ll wait!