I got (half) the wrong order!

Hi All,

I’ve ordered from Huel before, actually been a customer on several accounts (lost information! I’m the worst!) since v1.0 it think. But I ordered some pre-mixed huel and some new bars and I received half of my order and then the other half of it was wrong.

My original order was 1 box Vanilla premix, 1 box berry premix, 2 boxes of bars (1 orange, 1 cocoa) and a tshirt. what I got was the 2 boxes of pre mixed huel + 4 bags of UU Huel + 2 banana packs (and the wrong size t-shirt).

I’ve checked my order and I definitely didn’t order that (I bloomin’ hate banana flavour - oddly, quite like bananas).

I used the contact form on huels page a couple of days ago, but I’ve only received the automated response. I’m a little frustrated I can’t either live chat or call someone about this. I know you’re not the biggest company, but a support loop that can leave you waiting 2 days without contact is poor. It’s also nice to be able to explain verbally whats happened, rather than through email transactions. I’ve worked in UX/UI for a couple years now and I finally understand the frustration I see in user feedback/data when there is deliberately no direct contact details.

Is anyone able to help with this?

Edit: I wrote this a little late last night after work, woke up this morning and saw the first paragraph was basically gibberish. Edited so someone at least has a chance at understanding it.

@Tim_Huel or @Olivia_Huel will be able to help, but they won’t be back on the forum until Monday morning.
I’d suggest you photograph your box contents and the white sticker on the inside flap of your cardboard box, and email the photos to team@huel.com along with your order number. Make sure you use the same email address that you used to order.

It does generally take them 2 working days to get back to you, and they aren’t there at weekends, but they will resolve it for you so don’t worry too much. Maybe just tuck into the part of the order that is right…
Are you missing flavour boosts? Is that the problem? If so, if you search the forum you will find loads of suggestions on how to flavour UU Huel. My personal favourites include:
Cacao powder
Instant coffee
Peanut butter powder
Iced Chai tea
Frozen berries

Hope that helps to get you through the weekend!

Banana flavour has been nowhere near a banana. I actually love bananas and I love Huel’s fake banana flavour…it is my favourite of thee flavour boosts, but I generally hate fake banana flavours so was expecting to hate this too…

I love real bananas and love Huel banana fb too. It’s really nice in UU. Not too sweet :yum:

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Hi @JavaShipped - I’ve raised this with Customer Service. Sorry you’ve had issues - we will get them resolved.

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Hi @JavaShipped - our Customer Service team inform me that they’ve been in touch with you now and you should receive your missing items today/tomorrow.

Any further problems please let us know and sorry for the frustration :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! They did get it sorted and just in the knick of time for my trip! As I said to your customer service agent - you guys are great and this would not stop be from recommending Huel to just about everyone I meet, love the brand, love the team.

Probably against my best interests, I wanted to let you know that while I did get the missing item in the second delivery, I also received some extra items again!

I’d also just like to say that I’ve had both v1 and v2 huel bars and v3 is just insanely good. Previous versions were a little lack lustre in taste and powdery. But v3! My lord. As I said to my partner in the car on the way to our holiday, “I could happily get fat on these!”. Truly a winner there! I could see my less invested friends replacing their protein bars and such with these and not missing a thing!

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