Got sent the wrong flavour boost

Seems as though the Huel team could do with a couple more recruits to ease pressure in both order checking and in customer service :slight_smile: - received our latest sub yesterday and although we ordered the chocolate flavour boost, we were shipped mint chocolate instead. It was even checked off as correct when clearly it was not. My other half (who is managing our subscription) has sent an email but having read here how much of a support email backlog Huel have, I think we will be waiting some time for resolution. Maybe some sort of colour code stickers on the flavour boost packaging would help avoid mixups? Anyone else had this sort of issue recently?

So sorry you’ve had a problem with your delivery - super annoying!

I can’t see any emails from you under this email address - did you contact

If you could confirm your order number for me, I’ll look into it right away.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It was not this email address, but it’s order #658691 and we got a service id tag 25997. I hope you can help, I was really looking forward to trying chocolate :slight_smile:

I’ve got it!

Looks like this was human error on the packing side (maybe we should get robots in??).

Don’t worry, I’ll get the Chocolate out on a next day service for you. Feel free to keep hold of the mint choc as well.

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That’s very kind of you Olivia, thank you for your efforts!