Flavour packet not included with main delivery?

Hi all,

I got a delivery of huel today that came with 2 bags of vanilla but no flavour packet. I ordered a chocolate flavour packet so it should have come, right? Or does it come separately for some weird reason?

I’ve used the contact us form this site offers customers, but was hoping I could get a quicker response here.

Really sorry to hear that Andy, I’ve looked at your order and all seems correct, so I imagine this was an error. Thank you for emailing us and raising it, the team will rectify this ASAP I’m sure!

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your response. A member of the customer service team got back to my earlier query using the web form. It seems the chocolate flavouring ran out when they were packing my order.

Not good that I’ve had to query this to get it rectified, though. Will make me think twice before ordering Huel again.

That’s an extremely good point. What has happened is that we went out of stock on the Chocolate Flavour Boosts and there were some orders that were missing them. What we do in these situation, so that you all don’t go without your Huel, we fulfil the rest of the order, make lists of everyone missing a Chocolate Flavour Boost and fulfil them as soon as we get them back. So you will get your Chocolate Flavour Boost, albeit delayed, whether it was raised or not.

However, in future we should drop you an email to let you know and I will raise this with the team. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Yeah, that’s definitely the way forward…or at least on the delivery slip to say…to follow…otherwise there would have been a few people sitting there thinking it had been omitted.