Chocolate cherry flavour boost :(

Its being discontinued and im gutted, its the thing that has kept me going with huel the most. It makes it taste like a milkshake when added to chocolate huel!
Ive ordered 4 more packs of the flavour packet so ive got 5 in total now. Should last me ages but im still gutted!

Sorry about that, Barry :frowning_face: a sad day, but glad you managed to get a few, they’ll last you ages! We’re now out of stock in the UK and have removed it from the site, our email prompted a lot of sales and our predicted week of stock turned into 1 day of stock!

Sorry if I missed this elsewhere, but why did the Vanilla flavouring get discontinued please? I loved that! Choc Mint all the way now though.

Also, calories and minerals wise, would I be better:
a) Adding a fair bit of choc mint flavouring to my Huel Black Choc shake?
b) Or adding some of the new Protein Fudge Brownie instead?


honestly - I never even knew there was a Vanilla FB.