Flavour Boosts Gone :(

Hello all. Been doing Huel for years but never posted on here much.

Im seeing that the flavours were discontinued? Im gutted. Im guessing they are gone and not coming back. I used to like these my fave of the most recent flavours was peanut butter flavour and a good while ago when they first did the flavours I loved rubarb and custard, strawberry, banana and matcha tea. The more recent banana flavour wasnt as good imo it used to leave me with an aftertaste I couldnt get rid of for ages and the strawberry wasnt the same either.

So anyways now these are gone what do people do to mix things up a bit. I have Huel for lunch most days and I do have some peanut butter and choclate power boost left which I use once a week each but they wont last for ever.

Im guessing people have come up with their own ways of adding flavour so anyone got any suggestions? Either here or link other threads where this has been discussed already maybe.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I was sad to see these gone also.

I opt for zero cal sucralose Flavdrops (from a popular protein website) if i wanna mix things up a lil. You can get a peanut butter one from them. My favourites are butter biscuit and cheesecake in Original or Chocolate Huel!

Cocoa powder and sweet cinnamon powder works also. I’ll often throw in a shot of espresso into my morning huel too (works wonders in Black salted caramel!).

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I liked adding the vanilla to any flavour for extra nice.
I didn’t like the peanut butter flavour, I added legit peanut butter powder and it was less…dry. I know, that makes no sense but the flavouring was like eating dry roasted peanuts without the salt to me lol. Trying peanut butter powder might work for you too

A few flavour boosts should come back, as well as granola

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