How to sweeten huel?

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone has any ways they make their huel more unique and taste different? I’ve just started using it and I found the vanilla flavour difficult to get used to but I added a bit of nesquik chocolate (I love chocolate) and it tastes nicer.
I knows it’s probably more fattening but it can’t be any more than breakfast and lunch together?

Hi Catrin, welcome. You will find lots of ideas if you use the search, function top right. Happy Huelling :grin:

Bananas :banana:, frozen/fresh fruit, and I’m also trying these:

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Not seen those before, they look like the Bulkpowders version of Myprotein flavdrops. Any good?

So far, so good. Dosage is 10 drops per 200ml and it’s a 50ml bottle. Only tried them in Vanilla so far, waiting for U/U to arrive today (which I quite like on its own anyway). Bought them to make up for a discount order along with a new shaker (as recommended in here) and peanut butter.

Ps sweetener is sucralose.

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This is one of the best threads on here for flavour ideas for huel :+1:

My personal fave huel is cacao (raw cocoa, I use about 20g dissolved in boiling water, mine comes as a solid block but you mostly see it avaliable as powder - has v rich dark chocolate taste & is highly nutritious) with cherries, but pineapple (fresh or tinned) & coconut is another combo I rate highly, I’m not a fan of plain huel at all but find it really enjoyable like this… Had it every day for the past 4 months!

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@VenusFly is this using U/U powder? Or new / original vanilla ?
(the cacao cherry recipe)
And is this using frozen cherries?

I use 50/50 mix of u/u & new vanilla, but I don’t think it’d matter if you used all u/u, all og or new vanilla, the cacao cherry flavour completely overpowers the taste of the huel anyway… Which is how I like it!

Frozen cherries are good & so are fresh (but expensive!), canned black cherry filling (like you would use in gateaux/pie) is absolutely lush in it too but about 170 cal for a half can because of the sugar!

I only do 2 scoops of huel & often my huel replaces both breakfast & lunch so I’m fine with it clocking 500cals with my additions… I don’t like my huel mega thick, so I make it up with 300-400ml plant milk (koko dairy free & alpro hazelnut are my faves) & then a mugful
(about 400ml) of boiling water with the 20g cacao dissolved into it… Make it up at bedtime in the blender & chill overnight… With the cherries it makes about a litre of shake so I split it between 2 shakers & do 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch or if I do eat a real lunch I ‘graze’ on the other shaker thru the afternoon & evening.

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That sounds aWesome @VenusFly!
I am definitely going to use your recipe as soon as my blender arrives :smile:

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I pop in a spoonful of nutella and a spoon of peanut butter for a kind of sweet nutty taste

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Adding Gravy sounds good according to @Hunzas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not from personal experience. I was never a Brexit kinda guy.

Nutella Huel :drooling_face: We need that as a flavour booster !

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Hope you enjoy it Christina!

I tried Nutella in my huel in the beginning, but wasn’t keen on the texture even when I only put a tsp or so in… But that’s just my individual taste I guess.

A handful of frozen rasperries and a teaspoon of cocoa powder with vanilla in a blender tastes great
Or 1 banana, a teaspoon of cocoa and a spoon of instant coffee
(I really didn’t like the flavour of Huel when i first tried it but now I love it)