Different flavour/fruit/ways of making huel

Hi all, been on huel for a while now and I’m feeling great just the flavour gets a little same same everyday so at work I’m having just huel but at home I’ve been trying strawberry, banana and blueberry or a mix of some with honey and I’ve tried using almond milk with honey and after a holiday I’m about to start this week fresh on huel again and I’m at a loss, what do you all use to change it up a little?

Since I’m using Huel to control calorie consumption, I personally avoid mixing it with anything but the flavor packets that they sell (don’t even use plant based milks, just water). They are great for a little change here and there, last forever, and add negligible calories to my meal.

You could basically make the chocolate one by doing cocoa powder and Stevia (I am, however, far too lazy to experiment myself, and really the Chocolate packet is amazing).

Many have posted about putting in coffee or instant coffee granules and really liking it.

I picked up the strawberry one which really does make a difference it’s really nice to be honest, but when I’m at home I wanna mix it up a little, especially when the missus is making amazing smelling lasagne hahaha

I’m using Huel to lose weight and to form the basis of a liquid only diet :slight_smile:
Myprotein sell sugar free syrups, I use the blueberry one in my Huel, either just with Huel or with a teaspoon or two of cocoa :slight_smile:
I also use just cocoa, or cinnamon, or agave nectar with a bit of cinnamon :slight_smile:
I have apple pie monin syrup which I use once a week as it is easy to over use :’)
Milk is a good change as well if calories are no option, when I first tried vanilla Huel I used skimmed milk and it gave it a lovely creamy texture

I have just started using huel for my day time meals on workdays, as I’m too busy for a proper lunch. I find the sweetened version tastes very strongly of sweetener, I have always disliked the taste of sweetener, so it’s putting me off a bit. I did flavour the unflavoured with just a spoonful of honey and enjoyed that, but does anyone have suggestions on how to cover the taste of sweetener please? I have almost two whole packets left!
Thank you.

I used blueberries, banana and a little bit of honey today gonna try almond milk for lunch tomorrow, I will do this!! Lol