Second Meal of Huel

This is my second meal of huel. I’m only doing two scoops per meal. My first impression of it was that it was a lot better than I thought it would be, but rather bland and “oaty”. I did find some frozen raspberries in my fridge and I blended that with cacao powder, and it was yummy.

It is surprisingly filling. I had some huel for dinner because I couldn’t wait to try it and I ended up so full that I couldn’t sip my breakfast serving until around lunch time.

I am so surprised by how this stuff fills you up, and also my levels of energy. And I’m not feeling any sickness to my stomach yet at all, my stomach burns a little but no digestive issues whatsoever.

Overall I am impressed but I would like some lower calorie ways to sweeten my huel. The drink I made is about 450 cals with two scoops of huel and I’d rather be able to do the same two scoops but with less calories. Taste isn’t bad as I am a smoothieologist and pretty good at making things tasty.

I am mainly doing the huel for proper nutrition. I am a somewhat healthy weight but I wouldn’t mind a bit of weight-loss. Also looking to simplify meal prep by either doing huel smoothies or baking the huel in batches to last throughout the week.

I look forward to reading everyone’s stories.


Try Jordan’s skinny syrups. Lots of flavors. 0 calories Also I like to use Naked brand smoothie juices to flavor my Huel. About half a cup of that and a little cream goes a long way.

For savory I’m experimenting with powdered broth. So far I haven’t gotten a good one yet. I don’t like spicy so some of the savory recipes here don’t work for me.


imagemy flavor collection

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Huel is great. And indeed it does fill one up. Loving it

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Thanks for the Jordan’s Skinny Syrups recommendation! I have the flavor boosts and they don’t add a lot of flavor (I had the chocolate). I have ordered the Jordan’s skinny Syrup and I’m looking forward to adding it to Saturday’s Huel :smile:

Awesome I should have looked at yours first. I see the Salted Caramel. Yes, I am going for something that fools me like Starbucks with no calories. Perfect :smiley:

With the powdered flavors, I find that the recommended amount is too weak. With the chocolate I recommend about 1/2 teaspoon per scoop of huel. So 1.5 to 2 teaspoons to a 500 cal serving. Also don’t add it to the unflavored huel without an additional sweetener. The syrups work well to sweeten the unsweetened huel but you may find you want to add a good amount to it. (I add about 1/4-1/3 cup of syrup to a 500 cal serving of huel.) but start small and add to taste because you can’t take it out once it’s in there.

I really enjoy the banana powder with the salted caramel syrup for a bananas foster taste. I add some whip and a little Hershey’s caramel drizzle for a low calorie topper that really sells it to me.

Be creative with it and enjoy!

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Great to hear you’re loving how Huel is filling you up. In regards to low calorie ways to flavour Huel, I’ve just grabbed this list from our website:

  • Huel powdered flavours - Huel has developed a range of seven flavours: Strawberry, Mocha, Toffee, Rhubarb & Custard, Pineapple & Coconut, Banana and Chocolate. These are designed to work with both Vanilla Huel and our Unflavoured & Unsweetened version. These flavour pouches use natural flavours and a natural sweetener (Stevia) and cost approximately 10 pence per use with the Vanilla and 20 pence with the Unflavoured & Unsweetened. See the Huel flavour pouches here.
  • Coffee - either instant if you’re in a hurry, or brewed if you’ve a little bit more time on your hands.
  • Cocoa powder - for a hint of chocolate.
  • Cordial - I’ve not tried this myself but I’ve heard it can be good.
  • Cinnamon powder - this often comes up as a customer favourite
  • Combinations - the choice is endless once you start experimenting with combinations. A couple of customer favourites are: banana and cinnamon, and chocolate powder and coffee.
  • How to sweeten - there is a large choice of both natural and artificial sweeteners – see a comprehensive list here – including their calories and score on the sweetness index.
  • Savoury flavours - the new Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel opens up a whole world of possibilities. Some ideas include: cayenne powder for those who love heat, curry, stock cubes, savoury flavour pots – even bacon powder.

Hope this helps!

Tim, Thanks for all these ideas! This week I did the coffee one, chocolate raspberry (cacao and frozen rasberries from my fridge) , and cinnamon. I also have two of the huel powdered flavors, Mocha and Cappuccino. I don’t think they offer Pineapple and coconut in the states. I’m super interested in trying that. I reckon I’ll also try savory Huel sometime in the future. To add a bit of sweetness on top I’ve been using Truvia :slight_smile: No compaints so far.

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