What do you mix Huel with?



I started mixing Huel with my morning coffee and think it tastes great.
What do you mix Huel with?
Preferably something that doesn’t contain many nutrients itself (like coffee).
Oh and cheap would be great :slight_smile:




A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark

If you can’t get any bite or spark, try some frozen berries or a fresh 'nana.


I agree with Michael - fresh banana is my default additive. But taking a lesson from the smoothie-ologists,
frozen banana is even better as it adds a creamy texture and eliminates Huel’s ‘powdery’ characteristic that some people find objectionable (not me, actually).

This can also be cheap: retailers will often sell off ripe bananas at a heavy discount, so buying in bulk and freezing the lot is an economic solution to enhancing Huel, as well as a natural one.


My ‘go to’ is 200ml whole milk, 3 scoops Huel, 1 scoop almond butter and a scoop of chocolate caramel whey. Essentially makes a nutty milkshake. Perfect breakfast.


My default Huel is three and a bit scoops with cocoa powder added. I also like banana, but additions with less sugar include cinnamon and half a tsp of instant coffee (I like Nescafé Espresso).

I have yet to try anything more adventurous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Go for spices like mixed spice or cinnamon/nutmeg. Coffee as you’ve mentioned is great! Some people use chilled, steeped tea to make their Huel - I haven’t tried this myself before though!

Bananas and berries and milk etc will add extra nutrients but are certainly cheap and delicious ways to change the taste of Huel!


Thanks for the great ideas!

I am trying to replace all the meals I eat at home with Huel and really enjoy the added benefit of not having to go to a grocery store or having fresh (spoilable) food in the house so I’ll have to pass on the ideas with fruit (my freezer is also way too small to store lots of bananas :smile: )

Spices and tea sounds great though! :yum:


Banana and strawberries for me. Also a shot of pineapple and coconut flavour boost.

Love the texture the fresh fruit adds.

Will try out the frozen option too in the next couple days.


I love Chai tea. I also add cardamon powder when I grind my coffee. Tim, thank you for planting the seed for Chai Huel experimentation when my Huel order arrives!


About one cup of frozen strawberries added to the usual recipe has been tasty. Kinda reminds me of Strawberry Quik, from when I was a kid.

I tried adding the 3 scoops of powder to 12 oz of Starbucks cold brew and, after much work and mess getting it mixed together, I only had one or two sips before dropping it all over the floor! So, I think it was all right, but my memory is a bit, um, tainted by the experience.


I blended 2 scoops of Huel and six prunes for breakfast this morning…delish! Tomorrow I might try adding a little natural yogurt to the same and see how it turns out.


I used spinach and an apple with my Huel today, very nice…


I am going to try apple and cinnamon tomorrow.


2 scoops vanilla Huel, 375ml water, a banana, grated fresh ginger to taste and wiz. Gives a nice fresh zing.


Cloudy lemonade. It just makes it cloudier, the flavour remains mostly the same.

With or without vodka depending on circumstances.


I mix mine with Matcha green tea, Raspberry ketone powder and Alpro Oat milk.


I use PB2 -powdered peanut butter. They have a chocolate PB2 as well. I think I will try mixing bananas in with it, for the texture. Thanks for the tip!


My latest breakfast huel is using my turmeric tea-- turmeric, cinnamon, blk pepper, coconut oil and coconut milk.


Today I mixed it with Baobab powder. Delicious fruity taste in vanilla Huel.


I’ve tried it with Baobab, lacuma and Maca. All are good.