What do you mix Huel with?


I tried it with some tumerlicious…cos I got some cheap…and it is very good. I love golden milk and have been drinking it before it became trendy.


Fabulous variety of different ideas here…can’t wait to try them all! Just turned 2 scoops into berry ‘nicecream’ - the possibilities will stave off boredom for many many moon me thinks;-)


For me, part of the attraction of Huel is that it takes no time to prepare. So in that spirit I have a super-fast and convenient recommendation:

3 x scoops Huel
1 x desert spoon of smooth peanut butter (chunky gets stuck in the shaker filter).
1 x good squeeze of honey.
Shake with water to mix, as normal.

Sure, you’re adding some more calories, but you’re also adding a whole lot more flavour. And really easily, too. You sometimes end up with a bit of peanut butter that hasn’t mixed at the bottom of the shaker. But only if you’re lucky. :wink:


Personally I like

coffee + Banana, or
100g Huel + 100g frozen berries (only 40 cals? I couldn’t believe it) + 10g cocoa powder

I love adding peanut butter but it’s crazily calorific even in small quanitites, which kind of defeats the point since I’m aiming for weight loss, so I don’t generally do it

I once decided to try something a bit random just to see how it was, and that combo was 100g Huel, 10g cocoa powder, 10g marmite and 10g hot chilli sauce. All I can say is DON’T DO IT EVER :nauseated_face:


Just experimented the most delicious mix I did so far:

Huel vanilla original
Replacing water with Nature Addict Coconut Milk (it’s a mix of coconut water and milk, it’s a bit fat with 52kcal/100ml)
A spoon of raw cacao.
You may need to add a bit of water if you find it too solid.

Great 220kcal snack with 1 scoop of Huel!


with coffe in the morning.
with fresh banana in the afternoon


Any comments about adding Spirulina Powder?
Any additional advantages?
Would this change the taste? Good or bad


I have added it. It does alter the flavour a bit and the colour is more sludge too…like it has been dredged from a pond. I don’t mind it.


Dont, just dont

Its super super intense


Semi skimmed milk!


Water. Just water. Sometimes water & ice.


Time to make my 2nd lunch!


Water and sometimes mint-chocolate flavor boost or flavdrops from Myprotein (toffee in Coffee Huel) and will try raspberry flavdrops in berry huel today


OK I put in Matcha Tea, arrest me.


Actual matcha :tea: or flavour boost, Tim? :grinning:

Spicy teas for me all the way. Takes a bit more time (have to make it, then let it cool, but it adds variety).

I think I’ve said this before but make sure the tea is cold. I failed to do this once… thought I’d added enough cold water to chill things down, but it was still warm. Poured the Huel into my Thermos, got it out of the next day… yes, you can imagine it… explosive, fermented Huel everywhere!


A capful or two of the little bottles of flavouring that you find in the home baking section of the supermarket. I’ve got Sicilian lemon atm and it’s great!

There’s some new cold brew fruity teabags (I think they’re twinings) so I might try those next


I’m a big fan of a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter in my Huel. Not regularly, because I know it adds a batch of calories which throws off the calculations, but occasionally as a treat.

Also, last week I was in North Carolina, and they had a lot of really fresh, really sweet local peaches. Cutting one up and blending it into Huel was an absolute treat. (I still threw in a little bit of stevia, because I use the U/U and it kind of needed it to bring out the peach flavor).


I bought some of those cold brew bags today. Bit expensive and will try them in water bottle before attempting in Huel…my guess is won’t be strong enough in flavour.


Flavour Boost! I’ve never had actual Matcha Tea. Something to definitely try but I imagine it’s pretty easy to get wrong!

This sounds like something out of film, absolutely idyllic! Did you sit under an old tree to steal a moment from the hot North Carolina sun, drinking cold Huel, then having a nap?


No, but we did take inner tubes and float for three hours down the French Broad River. That was a lot of fun!