What do you mix with berry huel?

When I first tried the Berry huel I loved it, but now I’ve really started being put off by it. No idea why.

I usually make my huel with just water, sometimes a little bit of milk.
I’ve added banana to the Berry before and liked it but have stopped since the bananas have become quite pricy.

I still have over half a bag left of berry and really don’t like it anymore. Any suggestions on what I could add to it so I can get through the bag? I hate wasting food so will absolutely not throw it away.


I actually like Berry Huel. I tend to mix it with part water part almond milk. Sometimes the addition of extra fruits ie frozen mixed berries, cherries or blueberries can make a difference.

I wasn’t mad about Berry myself. Chocolate worked quite well with it (it wasn’t Huel, it was some Chocolate Flavoured Vega Essentials Nutritional Powder that I once bought on impulse and was also trying to finish.)

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I wasn’t going to get any more Berry halfway through my first bag, but it sort of grew on me so I ordered another bag.

Berry is ok but i dont buy it now. Berry RTD is far tastier in my opinion.

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Add raspberries. And powdered ginger. I really don’t like the berry either.

I feel like I must be the only one who likes Berry :smiley:

Tastes great to me - I just make it with water, nothing added.

Not so :grinning:

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I bought berry and vanilla as my first ever Huel. I’m using berry in the mornings and mixed with tesco almond drink (not milk) and it goes down very well.

Trying my first vanilla lunch huel today for first time on 2 meals a day after easing in to it last week.