New to Huel, don’t buy berry

So im new to huel, and i gotta tell you, DONT buy berry if its your first time like me…

I bought vanilla and berry… i tried berry first and the flavor is just not it… i legit felt sick because it tasted so bad… i was so scared of trying vanilla after that… but vanilla is totally fine and im not going back to berry because im scared it will make me quit huel if i ever drink that one again.

Im happy i liked vanilla tho, what are the best flavors in your opinion?

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Original plus mint choc boost
Or mint-choc premix plus cacao powder

Not tried the coffee
Don’t like vanilla personally
I like unflavoured but I’m in the massive minority :laughing:
I didn’t like chocolate the first time I tried it but it grew on me a bit. It needs added plant milk and cacao in my opinion to make it really nice.

The best flavour boosts are caramel, mocha and cacao, and mint choc.
Personally I like them in a mix of uu and original but if you like vanilla then they will work well in that as a base.

I agree with you on the berry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey there, welcome to the forum. Great to hear that you’re going in for your first Huel but obviously sorry that you didn’t enjoy Berry. Plenty do, it’s one of our most popular flavours, but everything is down to personal preference at the end of the day. Perhaps a better title would be “I really really didn’t like berry”.

What you could do is use half and half Vanilla/Berry to make sure that it doesn’t go to waste, or add a flavour boost to the Berry to mask the flavour you don’t like – Cacao FB + Berry = Black Forest Gateaux…??

Let us know how you get along.


Or cherries :cherries: dark chocolate :chocolate_bar: and a drizzle of honey :honey_pot:


Berry is my least favourite. Love the vanilla and the choc though. Mrs says she can’t taste the difference between them so she is getting the berry!

I like Original with a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee best. It’s way better than the ready made Coffee flavour. I also like Vanilla. Mint Chocolate was fine for a while but I grew a bit tired of it. I absolutely detest Berry. Plus, for some reason I get a lot more lumps in Berry and Mint Choc than in the others. Anyone else?

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Not tried the berry. I like vanilla and chocolate (although it doesn’t taste chocolatey, its nice).

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I have tried all the pre mixed flavours. Berry is my least favourite. I tried various ways of mixing the berry. None were that appealing to me but the most appealing was with vanilla pre mix and cherry food favouring.

I am using up my berry premix with chocolate flavour boost - 6g per 100g shake. Nice :yum:

I am extremely picky, but I like berry, probably more than vanilla. I’ve been on Huel for 11.5 months now.
How many grams do you use? I think the goal is to use 100g of berry huel with 500ml of water.

Find it odd how Berry has such a Marmite reaction (now there’s an idea??)! After a break and getting bored of Vanilla I have found Berry to be very nice and tastes how I expected it too… It’s not strawberry or raspberry but a Berry taste … not very sweet but and a very small bit sour…

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