Which flavour boosts go with the berry flavour?

Just trying out berry flavour. It’s ok. But realise I should have stuck with vanilla. Which flavour boosts would go well with Berry to change the flavour into something different.

Is it specifically a flavour boost you want or some way to spice up the berry Huel? I’ve not really experimented much but I did try some chocolate flavour boost in the berry Huel and it makes a flavour much like the chocolate covered diet cereal bars you can get.

I don’t mind really. Either flavour boost or something else. I know it sounds bizarre but as I realise I’m not feeling the berry flavour so much I want something that will make it very unberry like ha. I’ll try the chocolate flavour

In which case give my absolute fave a go - I only drink the berry in this guise and I absolutely love it;

2 scoops of berry Huel
1 banana (medium/large)
100g of frozen berries (Morrisons “Wonky” frozen berries are what I use, 3 quid for a kilo so lasts 10 meals)
600ml of cold water
Blitz in a blender and chill overnight.

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Cool - I’ll; give that a go - cheers - not sure about the overnight chill part though - the weather in london’s starting to turn, not sure I’m up for a fridge chilled smoothie in the morning - but room temp is good.

I reckon chocolate flavour (cacao or whatever) was just made for Berry Huel!


Huel refrigerated overnight is in many people’s opinions the best way to consume it. I am one of those people.

I like my Huel opposite to my women. Frigid.


I used chilled water … (water which has been in the fridge overnight is perfect !)

I just add huel when I’m ready to consume !
I tried overnight huel chilling and didn’t like the result !!

PS as for adding flavours … I have a sweet tooth and love adding toffee /caramel syrups
Tried ginger and salted caramel too :+1:


Chocolate works for me in one type.

The second is real frozen fruit and almond milk :heart_eyes:

Will defo try that cheers

Duly noted. Non-frigid and sexually liberated Huel smoothies it is.

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Holy freaking moly I’m with you on that. I had a caramel with vanilla shake and banana, and I was like waahh, it tasted like some kind of desert deliciousness. I thought how the heck can this be healthy and taste so good. There has to be some kind of Harry Potter wizardry shit going down here.

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Ps are these the flavour boosts or some other kinda flavouring

Yeah i went to Sainsbury’s and I’m gonna blueberry the f*%k out of my shake tomorrow.

I use the syrups which flavour coffee (Monin) OR flavour essences in the baking isle …
Mix and match accordingly :+1:

And if you want salted caramel then just add Vegemite :yum:



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I am in the same boat as OP and my solution is to shake 3 scoops of berry Huel with water, then top it with a frozen berry mix (real berries, as much as you need to make it taste less fake) and use an immersion blender at high speed to get everything smooth. I have begun using an immersion blender for every Huel I drink at home and it is so, so much more smooth than shaking it (to me at least). Hope it helps, I am receiving two bags of original Huel and one unflavored in two days, hoping that they’re more neutral than Berry and New Vanilla. Can’t help but feel that Berry tastes like kids’ vitamin pills. :confused:

I tried adding the pineapple and coconut flavour boost to the berry and it was really good, was worried it was be overly fruity but I liked it.