Huel berry disappointment


I just wanted to share with you my disappointment after having received and tested huel powder berry flavour
I just don’t like it whatever water quantity I put on it
I have eaten 10 original Flavour bags before trying this berry
Original is great but berry…

What do you think about it?

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Try stirring it into Greek yoghurt or something similar. I struggle to drink it but it makes a lovely dessert when teamed with something creamy. You might enjoy it more with half water and half milk/oat milk.

Sorry - one of my favourites. Guess it’s a marmite thing.

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Yeah I also didn’t like the berry. I didn’t find way to make it any better.
Maybe just put it down to experience and don’t buy it again.


I tried this morning again and… pouhaaa i really really don’t like it
It is almost flavourless at first sight and then there is this watery-sweet-strange taste …

Never again

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I am also quite disappointed with the Berry flavour. I am quite new to Huel and am currently making my way through my first order (Vanilla and Berry one bag each) and while Vanilla is delicious, the Berry flavour is just meh for me. Tried mixing it with banana this morning but did not help. Will try blending with other fruit next… Worst case scenario - will make some muffins out of it!

I’d recommend turning any unloved premixes into biscuits :yum:


I’ve tried all the flavours, and berry is my least favourite

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I have also tried with banana, didn’t like it

Vanilia is fine but i think Original is way better (just my opinion)

The berry smell is good, but the sweetness and complex flavor are not enough. I mix 3 tsp brown sugar and 2 tsp cacao powder, with 500 ml of water per 3 scp. I think it is good to cool well and put rum.

If you add sugar maybe you can find another product? Protein musly?

yeah…a litre per shake sets me up for the day.

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I have to admit I did not try adding sugar, chocolate and rum in my attempts to enjoy the berry huel :joy:
My fail


I am having some spiced rum now…I think Huel may spoil it.


I don’t really like berry flavour either… maybe I should just stick with the sugar, chocolate and rum?


@Kay I think that sounds like the best idea in this thread

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I add maple syrup to Huel, U/U though.
Don’t think that’s going to work out for berry :joy:

Huel Berry is one I actually enjoy. The others have to be doctored up with the correct amount of water or added ingredients, otherwise it’s hard to drink as I’ve fallen in a love hate relationship with the vanilla flavor, and U/U is just pure intolerable.

I don’t drink juice of any kind, so berry Huel is the closest I get. The only reason I don’t go full berry on my subscription is because I don’t want berry flavor in my protein shakes or homemade mass gainer shakes.

For some reason, I fancied ordering another bag of berry a few months back. Now I find myself struggling to get through it. Sometimes I like it, other times not. Won’t be buying any more. I find flavourings work best with Vanilla, Coffee and UU+Original so will stick with those from now on. Funny how tastes can completely change over time.

@Bee Im a bit like that with mint choc. It’s probably the most delicious imo and when I’m in the mood for it I love it. But other days I just can’t face it. Weird!
It makes it tricky to prepare the night before because I can’t predict what I will fancy in the morning. So I usually just make it up plain with cacao and then add from there in the morning.
I’m a bit like that with all food tho… I always get something out the freezer to cook and by the time it’s defrosted I’ve changed my mind and want something else :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes: