Latest Berry Huel seems flavourless

I’ve just opened the first bag of my very recently received order (on 12th Nov) of three Berry Huel powders and was struck by the lack of the berry smell that was strongly present, even on simply opening up the box, with my earlier order a few weeks ago.

No matter, I thought, I’ll make up my drink and maybe the flavour will appear. Sadly, this didn’t happen and I had to add in some Banana flavour boost to give it any sweetness and taste :confused: .

The batch is # 8842 10:21 Best before 11/2019
With the supply problems last week, could some Unsweetened Unflavoured Huel somehow have been packaged into the wrong bags or has the recipe been tweaked a lot in the past few weeks since my first order? All 3 bags are the same batch number so I expect they are all the same blandness.

Could @Tim_Huel please advise?

Is the color reddish when you mix it with water?

I’m new to Huel and was looking forward to the Berry flavour. I was going to ask the question “is it supposed to be like that?” and ask for tips to make it more berrylicious.

Batch 8842 - 10:34 - so probably the same as yours.

It did mix up slightly red, but I have to say, no real huge berry flavour. :frowning:

Yes it does mix up as slightly red, as expected. I did it again in daylight this morning to make sure.
BUT…still no sweetness or real taste apart from a slight ‘oaty’ flavour. Definitely not the same as the two bags I had before, where it wasn’t an extremely strong taste previously, but it was detectable and slightly sweet :thinking: .

I will just have to make do by buying some cheap sucralose powder from Aldi or Lidl to add to it and I’ll use the flavour boosts that I already have, plus more fruit than I used to.

I hope it’s back to normal with my next subscription order :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@ T-Marina
Try blending in a banana and some fresh fruits or even some jam (sugar less or lite?). Frozen fruits add a little but they generally have less taste after the freezing process.
You will get used to the Huel after a few ‘meals’ of it, but we are definitely missing out on the usual taste with this batch, unfortunately.

So try mixing some in some other flavours to to offset the blandness of this batch…there are recipes from Forum members all over this Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if this is why we all disagree about which flavours are strongest / sweetest? Because every batch is different…
I don’t know yet as I’ve only tried one bag of each flavour and haven’t got into a second batch yet.

Anyone near Bristol wanna swap bags of berry? My batch of berry arrived just before the shortage, has been opened (but resealed) one week, and it is VERY strong in flavour and sweetness - I can’t drink it. Only four scoops missing…