Banana Huel v3.0 Flavour Undetectable

I have recently taken delivery of Berry Huel Powder v3 without including my usual Banana Powder because the last batch of Banana v3 I bought was almost tasteless with no aroma.
I gradually got through all the bags, but this took quite some time as it wasn’t a great experience by itself even with a real banana blended in it. So I used it 1:1 with my Berry Huel. The batch# was RN27035AF BBE 06/2022.
I am now concerned whether the newer batches are back to how it used to be or if the flavour is still minimal as I don’t want re-order it and have to slog through it again…BUT…I love Banana flavoured stuff!

I’d love to try the Black version as everyone says that it is delicious and a stronger taste, but the cost is just too much for me, I’m afraid, and if I got hooked on that then I could never go back.

Was this simply an anomaly or was the flavour ‘dumbed down’ at all after customer complaints?

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I had Banana v3.0 delivered beginning of December and it was strongly and sweetly flavoured and delicious. It seemed about as strongly banana flavoured as could be.

I’m n a bit of agreement here. Most of the time I have to add things as well. I have to add a tbsp of sugar free or 0 cal syrup to increase the flavor or actual fruit for ex. Most of the flavors r good, but they do taste a bit too light. Hopefully the new cinnamon roll 1 doesn’t have this problem as I’ve been waiting for a flavor like this. I’m sure it’ll have the same issue more than likely.

Hey Deb, sorry for the delay responding, I was checking in with the team to get some background. We have had no complaints against this specific batch. Could I ask how long you have had the pouch/when did you place your order? And has it been open for long? It is most likely that this is some flavour drop off which can happen at the end of shelf life and Banana is a little more subtle than other flavours so it might be more noticable.

Hi Tim, thanks for replying. That particular order arrived 2 Nov 2021 with Best Before dates of 06/2022 for the Banana ones. I have now finished them.

From the very first packet being opened I could tell the usual aroma was missing and, on making my shakes, the taste was almost undetectable :no_mouth: . At first I wondered if I’d been sent the Unflavoured, but it definitely said Banana on the packs. When I’d finished the first pack, the same nothingness was apparent in the second. The Berry was perfectly fine.

I make a 2-scoop shake every morning (used to be 100% Berry, but began to use 1 Berry + 1 Banana to get through it) and used to add 1 scoop Banana to porridge in the evening, so each pack was open for as long as it took to use it up.
I would like to have the Banana again, but only if I can actually taste and smell it. That’s all the assurance I need, since nothing can be done about the past packs.

I have to agree with Attano, I mixed my Huel 1:1 and the Banana flavour has been pretty weak lately.

Apologies, but I’m going to necro my own thread to say that I’m going to order 1 pack of a more recent batch of Banana 3.0 again along with my usual Berry. If it still seems almost tasteless to me then at least I can mix it with the Berry, then ignore it thereafter.

No worries, around here a 1 month bump up is really not that bad! I’m dealing in 6 month necros here. Let us know how it is and thanks for sticking with it.