Banana v3 tastes of powder

I no matter how much I mix the banana huel it just tastes like power

I’m using a ninja blender the chocolate is really smooth

Is this just a bad bag or is this a common experience?

Hey there, so sorry you aren’t loving the Banana Huel. Could you just explain further, you’ve said it tastes like powder but also mentioned the smoothness of your Chocolate Huel. Are you saying your Banana isn’t blending and has lumps? Or that the taste is powdery?

The Banana flavour is quite mellow, it’s not like a traditional banana foam sweet flavour, but more like a blended banana flavour, so it might not be as strong as you were expecting.


There are clumps in the blender but the biggest concern is that it just tastes like powder suspension.

I discovered by accident last night, that if leave it in the fridge for an hour before drinking it’s fine. So guess the trick is to mix long before eating. This isn’t always possible for me I tend to make a daily batch and have one at that time.

I found the same - in that it tastes rather flavourless but has a hint of banana. The banana taste boost is very good though.

I ordered a couple of banana powders when it was released, but had to mix it with chocolate powder or banana boost to make it drinkable. I haven’t ordered it since

Hi there. I started using Huel 3 weeks ago and I have found the banana flavour to be thoroughly enjoyable - similar to a homemade banana milkshake sort of flavour. However I would say there are certain pre requisites to making it tasty:

  • I use a Nutrininja and blitz it for at least 20 seconds. Manually I can never seem to shake out the powder.
  • use ice cubes or put in the fridge for a bit.
  • teaspoon of instant coffee I find to be a nice touch occasionally
  • the other flavour I chose in my first order was chocolate, a scoop of each makes for a tasty drink.

Might be of help!

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