New Banana Flavour?

I ordered a new batch of the Huel original banana flavoured shake powder a few weeks ago and noticed that it’s really sweet now and doesn’t taste like banana.

Does anyone know if the recipe has changed? If so, is it worth swapping to the black edition (not sure if the flavour has been altered in that one?) I’m hoping it’s just a one off batch… I swapped to Huel as many of their competitor brands shakes are just too sweet.

Hey, sorry to hear that you weren’t sure about your latest batch. We’re currently updating our Huel Powder recipe to improve its taste, texture & sustainability impact. You’ll therefore receive either our current Powder v3.0 or the new Powder v3.1 in your order, if you take a look at the back of the pouch you can check to see if it says v3.0 or v3.1. Of course we are always happy to help if you email our CX team on :slight_smile:

Is it the 3.1 version?

You could use the unflavoured version and mix it in to reduce sweetness.