Banana 3.0 tasteless?

I have recently moved from huel black, back to normal huel. As I was enjoying the banana and salted caramel flavours of the black edition, I decided to order these flavours of V3.0. Has anybody else found that the normal banana version doesn’t taste of much? I am wondering if I have just got a bad batch. I would say it’s not got any flavour at all to be honest :confused:

Just to confirm, can you try tasting something else, to see if you have a working sense to taste?

Yes I have a working sense to taste :slight_smile:

It could be that you’re like me and just don’t like version 3.0. Did you try 2.3 before and remember what that tasted like in comparison? I haven’t tried Banana 3.0 (and never will) but I tried Original, Vanilla and Chocolate and find the taste just bland, so much so that I think I would have quit Huel if not for Black and H&S. I envy newcomers to Huel who have no idea how wonderful 2.3 was.
If you don’t feel any flavour at all that sounds even worse so it could be a bad batch.

Interesting!! I have been a Huel Black gal for a while but for health reasons, needed to up my carbs so went back to normal. So this could be exactly why, if you think 3.0 is a fail. Damn, I just bought 2 bags of the stuff :’) ah well. Once you go black, you should never go back I guess haha!

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Perhaps you lost your tastebuds due to an asymptomatic COVID infection.

I can confirm I do not have Covid :slight_smile: I am a healthcare professional and get tested twice per week. But above that, as I already explained- I can taste everything else (including the salted caramel v3.0), just not the banana :-1:t4: Thanks for your concern

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You’re lucky as the v3 Banana tastes quite bad. It’s one of the few tastes that I do not like at all. :smiley:

Hey @Christie

To be honest you can’t beat Black Edition :man_shrugging:
Having said that, as you probably know already it’s likely because you’re used to BE - so maybe stick with it until the end of the bag!

Though, have you done the Banana test? (this is 1/2 joke 1/2 serious :sweat_smile:)

Step 1
Grab a real banana, eat it.

Step 2
Mix you banana Huel, eat it.


Step 3 (optional but probably the best)
Blend a real banana with banana Huel. Problem solved (maybe!)
For better results, use a frozen banana! #fresh :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

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Sorry to hear you aren’t a fan of the v3.0 Banana, I think both taste bangin but haven’t tried them side by side before. I think you might get used to the change in flavour, perhaps even go back to black later and think it is too sweet/strong.

I think you could be right! The black edition must just be waaaay more flavoursome. Sad times since I’m right at the beginning of a bag :’) ah well. At least I know for next time!

Hi Tim,

Has there been any change to the V3.0 banana formula behind the scenes?

I’ve just finished a Banana V3.0 bag bought late last year (batch 18793B) and am trying a new order (batch 23941A) which does have a different taste and texture. The new bag has noticeably less banana flavour and more of a malty/starchy aftertaste (more tapioca maybe?) - its also a lot less thick and grainy (its more watery and smoother). The texture in the bag was also different - thicker in the old batch (like thick flour), and extremely fine in the new batch (more like 00 flour).

Overall a bit disappointing as I love the stronger banana flavouring and thicker texture I’m used to.

Have I just got a bad bag?

I haven’t tried the V3.0 banana but the change in texture and composition is what made me swap to the thicker texture/stronger flavours of Huel Black. I still mourn the old Huel v2.3 :cry:

I have also noticed a difference in the banana v3 and after a few meals it’s just not calling for me to make another shake. I will have to mix it with chocolate or perhaps coffee when I need to open another bag. I enjoyed the v2.3 and hadn’t bought the banana v3 again until recently. Perhaps I need to try black edition banana as it’s getting good reports. :banana::banana:

Yessssss RichB… this is EXACTLY my experience. Would love some light on this also?

Drinking the banana RTD right now and it tastes great, shame the powder version isn’t more like it. Got half a bag of it left and not too keen on finishing it unless it’s mixed with something else.

Hey Rich! We haven’t made any flavour changes to your Banana Huel! The team have made some changes to the texture of all v3.0 flavours at the end of last year. It’s been a big improvement which is helping make Huel even smoother and reduce any lumps which you may have found previously. Because the powder is less lumpy you may be getting fewer ‘pockets’ of flavour, this might be the reason you are finding a taste difference.

The good news is that since this roll out at the end of last year we seeing fewer complaints overall regarding texture with v3.0 which is a big win as it’s generally a big reason people contact us.

Our v3.0 is purposely different in taste to the Banana RTD, we wanted the powder to taste more like a blended banana, whereas the RTD is more like a traditional banana milkshake :banana: :cup_with_straw:

Fair dos, it definitely has a blended banana taste so you did well if that’s what you were aiming for. It’s not bad, just preferred the RTD flavour so I might get some banana milkshake powder to help finish the powder bag off

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Get some MyProtein flavouring to add? Or liquidise a real banana with it. That’s what I do.