Which premixed flavours are the best to mix?

I am not the biggest fan of some V3 flavours so I thought about mixing some of them to try to get some tasty results but I’d like to hear your ideas. :slight_smile:
Does V3 chocolate mixed with V3 banana sound good? I might try it out as it might balance out the odd taste of the new chocolate.

I always used to make original huel with cacao powder and a banana in the blender and that tasted excellent, so I don’t see why not! Try it and give us the verdict :milk_glass:

Thank you for the suggestion.

I don’t use a blender nor flavourings as that would increase costs. I was more thinking about the different flavours of Huel powders and mixing those up. :slight_smile:

Blender works well with U/U cos then you can add your own fruits :green_apple::apple::pear::banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::coconut::pineapple::chocolate_bar::chestnut::peanuts::honey_pot::milk_glass::coffee::wink::+1:

You can of course mix the premixes together if you’d like to change the flavours. Taste is totally subjective so you’ll have to just try them to see what you like.

I’d imagine the only combos that may not taste great would be coffee or mint chocolate + berry or banana, which leaves…10 other possible combinations I think?

Vanilla coffee
Vanilla mint choc
Vanilla choc
Vanilla banana
Vanilla berry
Coffee choc
Coffee mint choc
Choc banana
Choc berry
Banana berry

Excluding UU and original that is :slight_smile:

Edit: and choc + mint choc!

Banana + chocolate + vanilla

I don’t want to open too many bags at once, I’ll try out chocolate + banana soon as I have both bags opened at work. :slight_smile:

I don’t really rate new chocolate either ( it was the only flavour I liked in v2.3 alongside original though) I have been having it with coffee premix which makes it good. It seems to have way more cocoa powder to me?

It actually has a smidge less – v2.3 had 6% Cocoa Powder, v3 has 5.9%

I didn’t mean you necessarily need a blender, just that the flavour of the banana mix is apparently very close to that of a real banana, which tastes excellent with chocolate so definitely give it a go!

Wow. I’m surprised. It seems way stronger in flavour and almost too chocolatey if that’s a thing?

I’m intrigued by the new v3 chocolate.
I thought v2.3 chocolate tasted more like digestive biscuits than chocolate and was initially disappointed but kinda grew quite fond of it after a while (as long as I didn’t think of it as chocolate).

I kinda want to try v3 chocolate but am worried I’ll hate it.
I loved both the old cacao and chocolate flavour boosts but the new chocolate flavour boost is awful.

I do like the new Black Edition chocolate though.

I seriously wish they would do samples. I’m very reluctant to buy an entire bag of every flavour to see if there’s one I like

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v3 chocolate combined with v3 banana taste better than either flavour alone.The odd taste of v3 chocolate is subdued but still there.
I’m going to keep mixing these 2 flavours until either bag gets empty.

I think I’ve had this before and it was good, but I didn’t have them in there at a 1:1 ratio, I think the Banana was the stronger flavour so increased the amount of chocolate. Have a play, I think you’ll like it!

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