Flavour mixing options

Hey guys!
Do many of you mix Huel flavours (not the flavour boosts, but regular Huel)
Obviously for those tracking intakes calories stay the same and other factors vary minimally (when weighed) I’m a huge fan of:
Coffee / chocolate
Coffee / mint choc
Choc / banana
Banana / berry

Anyone else mix? Have any recommendations?

Not quite what you’re asking but I love mixing the Chocolate and Berry RTDs!

I also regularly mix UU into other flavoured premixes to reduce the sweetness.

I’ve tried mixing the flavours together eg chocolate with mint chocolate but wasn’t a fan.

I think Will means mixing the premixes. I haven’t tried myself, but I do remember reading that chocolate and banana worked well together. I’ll have to try it if I ever have both at the same time!

Yeah definitely, Choc and Banana is good, some people mix Unflavoured and Vanilla to make it less sweet, I can see Berry and Chocolate working too - but haven’t tried it!

You should try it out and let us know what you think!

I like half a scoop of banana in my vanilla, it comes through just enough for me… I suppose it’s like a giant bag of flavour boost

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Berry and chocolate was/is a success :slight_smile:
Just had 70g choc with 30g berry for my 100g lunch!
Tasted good :slight_smile:

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Seems like a sensible ratio. Like when you hide the dog’s worming tablet in a sausage.