Flavour mixing & Flavour boosters

Hey, I’d like to ask questions about mixing regular flavoured Huel and adding some boosters to your Huel. I saw some older posts on the forum regarding this topic but they’re a bit old and they may not answer exactly what I want to ask.

I’ve read in some older post that you can mix chocolate flavoured Huel with banana flavoured or berry flavoured. Does anyone have any experience with this?

What would be the reason to use boosters instead of mixing regular Huel?
Is there any difference if I mix: chocolate Huel with banana booster; banana Huel with chocolate booster; one scope of chocolate Huel and one scope of banana flavoured Huel.

What if I’d mix chocolate Huel with chocolate booster? :smiley:

As you can see I have no experience with boosters nor with mixing regular Huel flavours. I’m just starting out with Huel.

Basically I’m asking if flavour boosters are useful for someone who already consumes flavoured regular Huel and can mix it together…

Thank you for your answers!

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Currently I have a few flavour boosts,(salted caramel, vanilla(rip), berry, gingerbread, Apple cinnamon and peanut butter) and I use chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla nd strawberries and cream huel.
I’ll add vanilla boost to enhance base flavour of any, but it’s gone now so rationing last pack. I mix chocolate and salted caramel huel powders. I’ll add berry boost to pump strawberries and cream huel, or add 1/3 choc to s&c hurl for a black forest cake like flavour. I’ve added peanut butter boost to chocolate huel. I accidentally added peanut butter boost to S&c and didn’t realise wtf was wrong- I don’t recommend.

I just mix and match, if it works it works if it doesn’t I’ll slug it down and not do again.

Yep, I use a variety of boosters (and third party flavourings) with different Huel powders. I usually add something to berry as don’t find it very palatable - it’s the worst on my opinion. Toffee boost with banana is good, mocha with chocolate or coffee.

I’ve still not gotten around to trying apple cinnamon, gingerbread or pumpkin spice.

My three favorite, in that order!

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Same!! These three are the flavour boost kings.

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Looks like I need to get on those bad boys then. My favourite is the “old” banana boost. I still have a couple of sachets stashed.

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You won’t regret it - My favourite three also!

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I usually make my coffee huel with a banana but had none left this morning. I split my drink into 2 shakers and added a bottle of rtd chocolate equally to both of them. I have just had the best mocha ever. I have previously tried this with coffee and chocolate powder but it is no where near as good. It’s just mixing different combinations till you find your favourites. :sake::banana::coffee:


Hey @kauffman, welcome to the forum and thanks for having a read around before posting, we really appreciate it!

I think you’ve got some great recommendations below. I will see if I can shed a little more light on the FB too.

Flavour Boosts came first. We used to only sell Vanilla and Unflavoured with the Flavour Boosts in addition. However we wanted to make sure Huel was simple and Hueligans seemed to love it when we released pre-blended flavours, so we have steadily rolled out new varieties.

The other reason is that the Flavour Boosts are sweetened with stevia. We’ve always had feedback from some that they don’t like sucralose (the artificial sweetener in Vanilla and other flavoured varieties). So the FB are sweetened naturally and can be then added to our Unflavoured & Unsweetened variety - so everyone wins!

The FB mostly have a similar flavour profiles to their pre-blended cousins, but obviously with a flavour Boost you can add more to get a bigger hit of flavour, which you can’t do with a preblended pouch.

Do it, you’ll just get a bigger flavour of Chocolate! Mixing stevia with sucralose could create some strange aftertastes but give it a go!

My main recommendation would be to just get the sample pack of Flavour Boosts and see what you think!


Different flavours when I click the link?

This all look right to me. What do you mean different flavours when you click the link?

The text in your link mentions Pineapple & Coconut?

“ Try one serving of all our 10 delicious flavours - Mocha, Banana, Caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate, Matcha Tea, Pineapple and Coconut, Toffee, Cacao, and Mint Chocolate.”

Oh yes so it does, I was looking on the website! I will pass that on.

Edit: Fixed it.

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