Huel Chocolate + Best Flavours (My recommendations)

Hi all,

Just wanted to share my suggestions for ways of improving the overall taste of the Chocolate Huel Powder.

Don’t get me wrong, even on its own it isn’t “offensive” or even “unpalletable” in any way. It’s just not as… flavoursome… as I had expected, and so I’ve experimented with every single Huel flavour boost to determine which ones I (and my colleagues in the office, whom have almost all become Huelers themselves now) have grown to love.

Chocolate Huel + Caramel Flavour Boost (A.K.A. “Charamel”). For 3 scoops of the powder mixed with water, use 0.75 (3/4) teaspoon of the Caramel flavouring. This one is pretty obvious, I’m sure.

Chocolate Huel + Banana Flavour Boost (A.K.A. “Chanana”). For 3 scoops of the powder mixed with water, use 0.5 (1/2) teaspoon of the Banana flavouring. Any more than that and it becomes a little “sickly” for the majority of those whom have tried it.

Chocolate Huel + Rhubarb & Custard Flavour Boost (A.K.A. “Chocobharb”). For 3 scoops of the powder mixed with water, use 0.5 (1/2) teaspoon of the flavouring. Only recommend this if you have a particular “sweet tooth” craving.

Chocolate Huel + Mocha Flavour Boost (A.K.A. “Chocha”). For 3 scoops of the powder mixed with water, use 0.75 (3/4) teaspoon o the flavouring. This is an “office favourite” now.

If you want to know the worst combination, that would have to be Chocolate Huel + Strawberry Flavour Boost (A.K.A. “YUCK!”). This was inedible for everyone brave enough to test it, even at just 0.25 (1/4) teaspoon of flavouring to three scoops of powder.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these suggestions.


I also liked chocolate huel with caramel boost :yum: :+1:t2:

Did you try chocolate huel with cacao boost?? (Or cacao powder) plus oat milk. This is a really awesome combo

Your other suggestions are interesting - thanks for sharing.

Other combos I’ve tried are chocolate Huel with hazelnut alpro (Nutella)

And chocolate Huel with coconut flavour drops (bounty)

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Hi Christina,

I quite like (when I don’t mind about sticking strictly to the overall 37:30:30:3 ratio split of the Huel powder itself) using the Chocolate Huel powder with the following liquids:

25% Chocolate Alpro Soy Milk
25% Coconut Milk
50% Water

Yes, the liquids will settle out into layers if left standing for too long, but if you shake before each time you take a drink, it mixes really well, and surprisingly doesn’t seem to upset anyone’s stomach in any way.

Adds a really strong chocolate boost (granted, you’re adding sugars with the Chocolate Alpro Soy, and you’re also adding Soy, to which some people have an intolerance).

What always amazes me is the infinite variety you can have with such a simple concept (the Huel powders themselves)

Hell, try 2 scoops Chocolate + 1 scoop Vanilla mixed with water… even this is really delicious (not to mention simple)

I’m lucky enough to have 6 very large airtight “cereal containers” from Sainsburys, each containing exactly one whole bag of Huel, and one of each flavour (excl. the original Vanilla)… so I can play with combinations happily. Only downside is having to constantly tweak my monthly subscription when I’ve used more of a particular flavour than usual :wink:

I need to get some of those cereal containers!
I’ve seen other huellers mention similar storage solutions so have been on the look out for a while.
Are they Sainsbury’s own brand?

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@ChristinaT the 3.9L ones I bought from Morrison’s a while back have doubled in price. I can’t believe they are now £10 each :hushed:

Wow £10 is definitely too steep!
I’ve been considering just using a large Tupperware but everytime I buy new clicklock containers they get used for something else !
I have loads of large jars but none large enough to hold a bag of huel.
The huel bags are easy to store but I make so much mess scooping it out :woman_facepalming:t3:
Although I’m not sure that would be resolved by a different container :laughing:

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I find it less messy scooping from a wide topped container rather than out of the bags.

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I still havnt used my boosts yet. I got the ten pack.

I like chocolate huel (2 scoops), 300ml almond milk and a banana … very nice


Excluding the Flavour Boosts (which are in individual ziploc bags tucked down the side of the rear-most bag of containers) this is my “Huel Stash”

Clearly need to put another order in for Mint Choc, Unflavoured, Chocolate, and Berry. Got 4 extra sealed bags of Vanilla on standby, though (always keep a surplus of the Vanilla because I bake with it quite often).

Each tub contains exactly 1 whole bag of Huel, but yes… they cost £10 each.


Those containers certainly look good. I personally use old protein powder tubs which also hold a full bag of Huel…although I have one massive one that holds two. But they are all round…yours look much neater, and they are all the same which is handy.

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I rather enjoy the 4 scoops of chocolate huel, 250ml oatmilk, 250ml water and a banana (all blended).

I just want to add here, to represent the “other side”: for me the Chocolate Huel is the best that could happen to Huel and I’m not buying anything else since :slight_smile:


Chocolate Huel powder is my favourite, my recent order I received on Monday was a bag of Chocolate and a bag of Vanilla, not had Vanilla for a while. Just finishing a bag of Berry powder as we speak, not liking it much but persevered with it in the hope I might start liking it but I don’t and glad it’s finished.

I also am really liking my chocolate huel. I don’t like any other flavours! Glad I gave it a try as I was actually ready to give up Huel as I’d gone off vanilla so much.

Has anyone tried chocolate with coffee? Going to give it a go in the morning.

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I’ve been mixing 94g of chocolate huel with 300ml of water and 100ml of Califia Farms Chocolate Coconut Almond Milk, there’s only 38kcal in it, but it makes a huge difference!

I’ve also been adding 2 tsp of instant coffee to it and it’s my go to breakfast now.

Yes, I like chocolate premix with a teaspoon of instant coffee :+1:


Chocolate with Coffee (Choffee) is really nice.
I prepare a filter coffee the night before and stick it in the fridge. Next morning I prepare my chocolate Huel with it instead of water.

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