Combining Huel Flavour Boosts


I initially tried Huel a month ago and struggled with the flavour, I found it too bland. I experimented with using strawberry Crusha which made it more palatable, but was having to use quite a lot of Crusha to get the desired taste.

I am now mixing the Toffee Flavour Boost and the Chocolate Flavour boost together. About half a teaspoon of Toffee and a whole teaspoon of chocolate and it taste is wonderful. I am also vigorously blending it so that it’s smooth and leave it in the fridge overnight.

I now actually look forward to my Huel and trying to convince friends to get on board with it.


That sounds delicious :smiley:

Trying it with skimmed milk now :smiley:

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Yum! :smiley: how was it?

Really nice, a lot creamier than just using water. I highly recommend. :grin:

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Banoffee! When I had the trial pack of flavour boosts I mixed banana and toffee for the unsweetened, unflavoured version and it made it much better!


Omg I haven’t had Crusha in so long! Do you guys remember the adverts??

I went with Coffee Huel and half a teaspoon of Banana Flavour Boost yesterday which was next level. Someone told me about it here or on Twitter and I thank you for that, kind stranger!


Ohhh I will try that later! I was wondering what flavours to add to the coffee Huel… :smiley: